Working Weekend #D/s

By | October 7, 2014

This past weekend was a flurry of activity, Saturday was full of running errands and taking care of things that I just am unable to do during the work week. One thing that was also on the plate was that Kayla needed some time to sit alone and write. I’m taking some time off the starting Wednesday so her and I could spend some time together and get in some uber kinky fuckery.

With Kayla writing for a living now she would have to cram her weeks worth of work into several days.

For those of you who don’t know when Kayla and I first met she expressed to me an interest in writing for a living. I told her that I would support her and help her in anyway I could.

As her Daddy, as her Dom I stand behind her and support her as best I can.

As my babygirl and my submissive there are things she does on a daily basis; she has my coffee ready to go each and every day. The night before she packs my lunch so in the morning I just grab it and go. In the evening after the house has quieted down she fixes me a drink and kneels to me to serve it. These are just a smattering of the things she does for me.

When she told me that she would have to work on Sunday afternoon to stay ahead for the week I told her that was no problem. Whatever I needed to do to make that happen I would do my part.

When the time came she decided to go upstairs and work in the bedroom, bringing the tools of her trade and spreading them out on the bed to write, promote, and do the social media stuff she does to promote herself and her books.

That left just me and the boys.

It was about lunch time so I made the boys lunch and thought about what we could do.

I decided that we would have some guy time together and I had just gotten a copy of the latest Transformers movie. We began watching the movie and the three of us did a guy bonding thing watching a SciFi action flick.

Part way through the movie my phone dinged indicating a text message, “Daddy? Can I ask you  a favor?”

Certainly, I responded.

“Will you bring me something to drink?” she asked.

I responded with a yes went and got her an iced tea and brought it up to her.
I gave her a kiss, asked her how she was doing and once filled in on all the details I went back downstairs to continue one with the movie.

About an hour later my phone dinged once more.

It was babygirl once more asking if I could bring her something to eat. She made her request and not being one to let a moment totally slip past I told her gladly and I would send the minions (the boys) up with her food and drink.

Her response was almost immediate and I could see her facial expression as clear as day.

Chuckling as I put together the crab dip and crackers (Thank you Mynx and Peep) I brought the plate up to her and once more got the run down on progress along with a kiss.

Back to the movie once more.

We had just finished the movie and again the familiar ding and she asked for a cup of hot tea. I heated the water and dropped a bag in the water steeping it just how she likes it. Tweaking it to her taste I brought it upstairs to her. At that point she looked a bit bleary worse for wear and tear but she informed me she had gotten a lot done and made some major progress. She then began to lament about the dishes in the sink and that it was nearing dinner time.

When I came back downstairs the boys had transitioned from the Transformers movie to Adventure Time cartoon without blinking an eye.

I grabbed my mp3 player popped in the ear bubs and began to tackle the kitchen. Doing dishes is something I don’t mind doing and listening to music while I do it makes the job all that more enjoyable.

I was almost to the bottom of the sinks when I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning around there was Kayla with a smile from ear to ear. All the work she needed to get done was finished.

Being her Dominant and being in a full time D/s relationship isn’t all kinky fuckery along with rules and protocols. There are times like this where I do my part to take care of her to support her in pursuing her dreams. Being her Daddy means I need to do my part to take care of her.