By | September 5, 2013


I may push you at times,
you may think I expect more then you are capable of giving.
I see what you are capable of and expect no less from you.
In many ways I know you better then you yourself.

I may use you hard for my pleasure.
Taking you hard and fast
I will put you over my knee and take you to that place deep within you.
Also will I be there to guide you back.

I am the conductor and you are the music I bring forth.
The sweetest music to my ears.

I will open you to new experiences that will both frighten you and excite you.
Guiding you through the darkness.

Your soul will be laid bare to me and I will see the beauty that is you.
The gem that lies in the night waiting for the light to bring it to life.

Times will be that I am strict with you, never will it be out of anger.
Only out of love and caring.

You are mine and always will you be safe in my arms. m