Labor Day Weekend

By | September 6, 2013

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, I trust all who celebrated had a happy and safe weekend.

little flower came down to visit over the weekend and she brought her boys along.
They arrived Friday evening and I had the room already checked in and food waiting for their arrival.

This weekend was going to be different from any other time we had spent together as we were not going to be afforded any private time away from the boys as we were sharing a hotel room.
This was something I had known but it wasn’t so much about what we would be able to do over the weekend but more about that her and I would have time to be able to spend together.
Now I had meet her boys on previous occasions and we do all get along but this was going to be the first time we spent any amount of time together in close quarters.

Friday evening was pretty much spent getting everyone settled in and unpacked.  After the road trip everyone was pretty well wore out and we all talked for a bit and then it was off to bed for the evening.
This was one moment that we did have a little bit of quiet time and little flower and I fell asleep with my hand entwined in her hair.

Saturday morning brought no bright sunshine but overcast skies and rain. We got the boys up and trundled off to breakfast and made a plan on what to do.
The decision was made to go to Barnes and Noble where the boys could look at books as they had gift cards.
I will admit that when we got there I was very surprised as being a Kindle owner it has been a while since I have been in a book store.
How it has changed.
They don’t just have books anymore.

We paired off with the boys; the oldest and I got to check out the science kits they have.
I was in amazement at the things they offer, like a kit to build a hydrogen power cell, and solar powered car, etc, etc.
Once they had each picked something out it was the register to pay and then to the coffee shop for some refreshments.

Since it was still raining we headed to the mall to take in a movie.
Since we had some time before the movie started we walked the mall for a while.
The boys were just amazed when they saw an ice skating rink in the middle of the mall.
We were in the second floor so they had an excellent birds eye view of the skaters.

For dinner we decided on going to a Hibachi grill.
The boys never having been were a mix of anticipation and apprehension.
Once the Hibachi chef came to the table and started cooking, making onion volcanoes, balancing eggs on his spatula they were hooked and had a good time.

Later that evening after we all had dinner I took everyone out to the causeway on the water.
The evening was pleasant and we walked along the water and did some star and planet gazing.

Sunday weather wise started out much better and after breakfast we walked to a park with the boys.
While they played little flower and I sat at a table and we talked.
The boys were playing on the swings at that point and I took her by the hand and led her to the swings.
I pushed her on the swings and she laughed and giggled like a little girl.

In our journey around the park we found a homeless basketball and the four of us were shooting baskets.

We went back to our room and changed and headed out to the beach, traffic was a bit heavy due to the holiday but we weren’t in any hurry.
Everyone had a great time at the beach, the water was wonderful and after while I sat at the edge of the water scooping up sand with the boys and sifting for shells.

Later that evening after dinner we went to a park I know along the water and walked enjoying the breeze coming off the water and the lights across the intercoastal.

little flower began to not feel good and we had to turn around and head back to the car. As we made our way back to the hotel she was not in a good way. I stopped and picked up a sweet tea which helps settle her stomach.
By the time we got back to the room she was not in a good way.

I helped her into to bed so she could lay down. I then turned my attention to the boys and got them ready for bed and tucked them in. I turned the TV on and set the timer and it worked out perfectly as by the time it shut off they were fast asleep.

I climbed into bed with little flower and she spooned against me, her back to my chest. She still wasn’t feeling good I slid one arm under her neck and then up around to her shoulder holding her, my other hand laying gently on her stomach as if I good take her discomfort from her.

This was how we fell asleep and I held her all through the night.

The next morning she was feeling better and we all went to the pool enjoying the early morning and the water.

We requested a late check out so we were able to take out time packing and getting ready to leave.
I decided on BBQ for lunch and we weren’t disappointed, the place we went has fantastic food and we left stuffed.

It was then time for her and the boys to get on the road.
It was difficult saying good-bye, it seems each time we part it is harder to let one another go.

The weekend wasn’t about playtime and wild crazy sex, it was about being together and spending time with one another. It was time well spent, it was a time of memories, different memories maybe but good memories.
Ones I would trade for anything in the world.