A Night at the Club PII

By | September 7, 2013


little one and I had arrived at the club earlier that evening and I had just hooked her up the the St. Andrews Cross in the club.

She was only wearing the thong I had picked out for her at this point, her arms above her head and legs spread wide at the bottom of the cross. Her head faced the wall and while she could have turned to watch me unpack the toy bag, she kept her head forward facing the wall.

Once everything was unpacked and set out I approached her; rubbing her back and softly stroking her hair as I told her what a good girl she was. It was then I told her I had a special surprise for her when we were done.

I then began to lightly spank her ass with my hand, not to hard but in a fast rhythmic swatting on both cheeks to get her warmed up and the blood flowing.

Once her ass had a nice warm glow to it it was time to break out the toys.
Before that though I rubbed her back with my hand again, reassuring her, letting her feel my connection with my touch.

I had everything in my bag laid out within reach so when I switched toys I could lay a hand on little flower and keep her reassured with my touch. Deciding to start small I took out the ping pong paddle.

Now I will admit that this was my first time ever playing in public, every other time has been in the privacy of the home. There was a certain apprehension on my part in the beginning but once things got started it was as if there was no Dungeon floor, there were no other people there, everything became focused entirely on what I was doing and little flower.

When I finished with the ping pong paddle her ass was no glowing a bright cherry red. I rubbed her cheeks and ran my fingers through her hair whispering to her what a good girl she is and how proud I am of her.

As I picked up the riding crop I ran my nails down along the center of her back several times before I began administering the crop to her thighs. little flower knows how well I do love the riding crop and I have several of them. This particular one I picked up from a tack store and instead of being leather is actually vinyl and is very whippy.

This had her dancing on the cross a bit and left some very nice red streaks along her thighs along with some very satisfying shrieks and squeaks from her.

After I was finished with the crop again touching her and talking to her I selected the tiny rubber flogger.

rubber flogger

I lightly worked across her back with it top to bottom, my intention with this was not to hurt but to lightly massage her with it.
After a few minutes with this I noticed that she was deep in sub-space and also that her hands were hanging. I softly spoke to her and guided her hands to the chain she was clipped to so she could hold on to that.

With her deep in sub-space I knew it was time to up things a bit. I took out the big flogger and began working her ass with that. The music that was playing made it very easy for me to get into a rhythm, from practicing at home I was able to switch hands passing the flogger from on to the other without missing a beat.

I have to admit I do love the flogger, depending on how you handle it the falls can be thuddy or have a sting to them. I gave her a little of both, going from a soft steady rhythm to picking it up a bit and letting the tips of the falls bite.

When done I entwined my fingers in her hair and gripped it tightly in my grasp which brought her right into focus. I told her there was one last thing, the cane; prior to her arrival I had bought a new cane. This cane is made of Delrin and depending on the length and thickness can be very whippy or stiff. the particular one I selected is short and thick, being made of Delrin it can bend back on itself but is stout.


little flower was a bit nervous of what it would feel like so this was another reason I decided to end the night with it.
Rather then hit her full on with it; I decided instead to do a series of short swats with it. I worked from her thighs up to her ass with the cane and her reaction was delicious. A couple of times she let out a few squeals but over all as nervous as she was about the cane she handled it very well.

When I finally set the cane down I put my arms around her and held her as she was on the cross; I unclipped her cuffs and helped her down. I told her to stand right where she was and not move, not that it would be any problem. I went into my bag to pull out the surprise I had for her.

little flower has a little side to her and I do like to indulge it as when she is in her little she is very playful and sweet.

I pulled out a Hello Kitty micro fiber throw from the bag, as soon as she saw it she started jumping up and down squealing with delight. I wrapped her in the blanket and led her to one of the sofa located along the edge of the Dungeon for aftercare. I got her settled on the sofa and went back to pack up the toys and gather up her clothes.

I set the bag by her on the sofa and went to the fridge to get her some cold water, opening it I held the bottle for her to take a few drinks from it.
Once she had some liquid in her I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, talking to her, rubbing her, and kissing her. We sat on the sofa like that for a good 45 minutes to an hour as she came down from sub-space

One of the Dungeon monitors came over to talk to us, it was the same one that had given little flower the tour when we had arrived. She told us that she had watched us play and wanted to tell us that she loved the energy that little flower and I had between us, that it was wonderful to see two people so much in tune with one another.

By this time little flower was back to earth and I helped her get dressed. We packed up the rest of our things and said good night to a few people there and made our way off into the night.