In Her Hands

By | September 9, 2013


Shane looked forward to this time of the day, the time when he climbed into bed and could put the day behind him.
It was this time that he looked forward to as he and Bella would frequently talk. Not about anything in particular but about anything and everything.

It was their time, their quiet time to just be, no phones, TV, computers; nothing but each other.

Bella was getting ready for bed and as she walked in the room she took Shane’s breath away, she had a way of doing that, her dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, her smile, everything about her.

Bella snuggled up to Shane as they got comfortable, he ran his fingers through her hair as she talked about her day. From there the conversation switched to their visit to the Dungeon last month and some things they would like to do or try on their next visit.

As they talked Bella had been running her hands along Shane’s chest, she loved his furry chest and couldn’t help but run her fingers over it.
She ran her hand up along his chest to his neck and her hand stopped.

Opening her hand wide she placed it on Shane’s neck and gave it a squeeze. Bella’s hand didn’t even quite make it half-way around Shane’s neck.

As she squeezed she asked him “How does that feel?”

“How does what feel?” he replied with a chuckle.

“My hand squeezing you, choking you”

“Not to make fun of you;” Shane said “but your hand barely goes around half my neck and your squeeze isn’t very powerful.”

Bella sighed, “I just wondered what it is like to be on the other end.”

Shane raised himself up on the bed and put his hand around Bella’s throat, it cover more then half her neck. He gave a slight squeeze and lifted, her head raising.
Bella gasped, not for air but for the feeling that comes over her when Shane does that to her. Almost instantly her body language changed, she became compliant, soft, her eyes were slightly glazed.

“Look at me.” Shane growled.

Bella’s head snapped up instantly and met his eyes.
Shane reached down with his free hand and ran a finger along her slit, it came away wet, glistening with her moisture.

“He brought his hand up close to her face, “Smell this, this is what it does, this is the difference between a pain slut and a sadist” he said..

“Now clean my fingers.”

Bella didn’t hesitate as she took his finger in her mouth and liked every last drop of her moisture form his fingers.
Once done dreamily she said “Thank you Sir.”

Shane released Bella’s throat and as she nestled back down against his chest she said,

“I think I will leave it in your hands.”