Vanilla Perceptions #BDSM

It seems that vanilla perception of the BDSM lifestyle has been a recurring theme in my day. For me it actually began yesterday but has carried over into today when I saw a post by Cinn then a discussion in a forum I am a member of. What happened yesterday has been niggling my brain and was … Continue reading

Feminism and #BDSM

Thoughts of writing this post have resonated with me for some time now, I have vacillated back and forth about whether to write it or not. In my travels on the Interwebz; of which I have a tendency to do a lot, I have noticed in some venues that submissives are attacked verbally for their … Continue reading

For #littles and #subs

I love Tumblr, I spend a lot of time on here; more then I probably should. The ability to express oneself on here in the visual sense is wonderful, for me it is both a way for me to connect with my little/sub and as a companion to my written blog. There is something I see all to often that … Continue reading