Primal State

By | November 25, 2013

Wolf and Red

Something happened last night, something interesting and exciting all wrapped up into one.

little flower and I were laying in bed writing, reading blogs, and perusing Tumblr together.
Once done we shut down the laptops and I was in the mood for some play time and so was she.

Now I want to precede this by saying that I revel in her scent, so many times I will grab her by the hair pull her to me and breath deeply of her scent. It intoxicates me to the nth degree. The body wash/shampoo that she uses has ingrained itself in my mind and now I don’t allow her to use anything else

Being drawn to scent is a tendency of what is known as a “primal”

Now last night what started out as a normal night of rough and tumble sex turned into something even more. I can be pretty rough with little flower and she thoroughly enjoys it when I do.

We started out playing with a couple new toys we got, one was a Wartenburg wheel which elicited some delightful responses from her. I loved the way it made her squirm and mewl. The other toy was a glass dildo with nubs all around it which also brought out some delightful responses especially when I began spinning it inside her making the most of the nubs.

After that I wanted her, wanted nothing more then to be deep inside her joined together.
What changed the playing field last night was she grabbed onto my ass last night and dug her nails in, then she proceeded to run them up my back. Now I am not the masochist in the relationship but definitely the sadist. Now this did not hurt in the normal sense but what it did was unleash something in me.

I growled a deep sound low in my throat and I began taking her in a very animalistic way, she responded in kind. I began nipping and biting at her neck and shoulder, her moans became screams. That only incensed me more and soon I had my hand tangled in her hair as I took her hard and fast. Her screams became even louder and her body was thrashing beneath me.

Almost instinctively with one hand still in her hair my other hand clamped over her mouth, almost instantly she had one of the most intense orgasms I can remember her having. Her body spasmed beneath me writhing and twisting.

When all was said and done we both lay there panting and trying to catch our breath. I gave her some water to drink and she was deliciously limp and smiling. I’m not quite sure but I think she forget her name for a little bit there.

This morning as I have been thinking about last night I remembered something I had come across online but had dismissed it at the time. I found it again and i took the quiz, I show as 52% primal. Meaning I have strong primal tendencies but maintain an air of civility.

If you are curious and want to take the quiz you can find it here:
Are you primal?