Put a Ring on it #KOTW

By | June 21, 2017

A cock ring that is.

I must admit there was a time when a cock ring was not something I thought about much less ever thought I would use.
For a long time I saw them as something that really didn’t have much use in my sexual arena.

Oh how that has changed.

I got, well okay it was given to me a Svakom Tyler and it changed my way of thinking.

There are times when I just want to prolong the pleasure when I’m fucking Kayla and this certainly does the trick. Since it is made of silicone it has just a firm enough grip around my shaft without being too tight. It actually feels good in and of itself not to mention how the tightness of it makes me feel like I’m swollen even thicker then normal.

Which is a win/win situation for both of us.

What really puts this over the top for me is that it has a vibrating function that when placed the right way will stimulate Kayla’s clit, which is wonderful as her being orgasmic through her clit I get the pleasure of feeling her grip me as she cums.

Now me being me I like to try things in different ways so sure enough I spun it around and it gave a really and I mean really nice jingle to my balls which then sent me into overdrive.

Even for some solo play I find I enjoy the feel of both the cock ring and the vibrations it provides.

Cock rings are now something that is an addition to my toy box and I will be looking to add even more in the future.

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