Going Commando Kink of the Week

By | August 29, 2017

Going Commando

Kayla goes commando, it is one of our rituals in our D/s relationship. There are a few times she does wear panties and when she does I pick them out for her. I want her to be available for me whenever and wherever.

It wasn’t always like this. In the early days of our relationship when we were long distance she wore panties every day. Back then she was tasked with taking photos of all her panties and sending them to me. Each morning when I woke up I would scroll through them, pick a pair and then send her the picture of the ones I wanted her to wear for the day.

After we moved in together that changed.

I wanted her open, available to me at any time. So the ritual changed, if she needed to wear panties for any reason she would have to ask me and then explain the reason why she thought she needed to wear them. It was then up to me to decide if she will wear them and which ones they would be.

Now that my life has changed and I am home every day I am enjoying the fruits of this ritual. At any point I can tell her to go to the bedroom and there she is, no panties, ready for whatever I have in store for her.

That is not the end of this story, for you things have taken a different turn.

Since I am now home everyday and no longer go off to work I find that even I tend to go commando more often not.
I’ve found that I enjoy the freedom it offers and it is much more enjoyable then I would have thought.
While it is a rule with Kayla for some time now it hadn’t been something I gave much thought of for myself.

That has changed, I myself have now embraced going commando.

Now I will say it isn’t all peaches and cream as I found out the hard way.
One day while getting into the car to run some errands I wasn’t paying attention and I rolled the wrong way getting in and with nothing holding everything in place it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had.
Anymore I am a bit more careful getting in and out of the car.