What I Took Home From Eroticon

By | March 21, 2018
At Eroticon I found a community community of strength, growth, and learning.

There is strength in the community we create for ourselves.

When Kayla first proposed I go to Eroticon with her I agreed after seeing what a good time she had. I will admit that a certain part of me felt a bit like an interloper in doing so. Kayla is the writer, the words spill from her like water over a waterfall.

Myself? Well writing hasn’t been my way of expressing myself for some time now. Words don’t flow from me like they do from her. Heck, there are times I even struggle to find the correct word while talking.

While it was amazing to put faces to names of so many people I have been following and reading over the years, to be able to speak to them and hug many of them while there was incredible.

I was welcomed with open arms by everyone I met and it was an incredible feeling.

Kayla and I are active in our local community, we attend munches and socials as much as we can as we find there is strength in community.

What I found at Eroticon was that strength and community magnified. From the attendees, vendors, and presenters, they were there for one another. There was a fierceness in the way they stood for one another.

They were there to give each other advice, support, and yes, even call you out if they felt it was needed but in a loving and caring way.

That alone was well worth being a part of this special weekend.

After the day was done on Saturday I was looking forward to the social get together in the evening. A chance to mingle and have a drink or two. While I am not one to be prone to anxiety or panic attacks it happened to me that not at the pub.

I felt horrible about it, the pub was crowded and so many people there it put me on edge and nothing I could do would seem to get me past it.

Sadly we didn’t stay as long as I would have wanted to due to that.

When  I explained the reason for needing to leave I was amazed at the understanding smiles and hugs offered.

Eroticon is truly a community, a community of caring, of learning, of growing.

I couldn’t even begin to list the names of all the folks I met and bonded with while there. I have made new friends, I have met and hugged people of whom I have been following and reading their words for years. I have met some new friends that I have welcomed into my life for the first time.

In a nutshell what I took away from Eroticon was the community; a community of learning, a community of growth, a community of understanding, a community of sharing, a community of striving towards a goal.

Most importantly to me I found a community of unity!