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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving. On this day I leave you with this song which was a tradition when growing up. Enjoy the original 1967 version of Arlo Guthrie singing Alice’s Restaurant.  

Breaking My Silence

It has been a while since I have written, either here on social media or even on Tumblr. The last post I made on Tumblr was several weeks ago and I stated I would be taking a short hiatus. As many of you may know from following Kayla, my sister passed away Aug 2. She… Read More »

The New Normal #CancerSucks

Nothing sexy or hot to see here today, not even some wise words of wisdom that talk about the wonders of living a D/s lifestyle with a lovely submissive. If you want that you can either go here Kayla Lords or here Whispers in the Dark. Sorry but this is going to be a bit… Read More »

No Data Left Behind #Computer

I know, I know, I said I was going to get back to writing kinky stuff and more BDSM stuff now that my computer is back up and running… Well life does take a different road at times… Once I had the puter back where I wanted the first thing on the plate was to… Read More »

Back at it Again #NewComputer

I am sitting at my desk, typing away on my newly restored computer. This past weekend the second and final motherboard arrived and the installation/assembly went just fine. I had Kayla aka as Vanna assist me; holding parts, flash light, and other odd assorted jobs which was a big help in getting things moving along.… Read More »

Rough Month

Saying that the last month was rough is in some ways putting it mildly. Oh things between Kayla and I are fine, we are moving forward in our relationship; exploring, experiencing, and laying plans for the future. What has made it rough are some of the speed bumps I’ve encountered along the way. Just after… Read More »


I’m sneaking in here real quick. My intention while I was on vacation last week was to write, I have so many things rolling around in my head of late and wanted to get them out on my blog. There are comments still waiting responses and I have several emails form people reaching out to… Read More »