Back at it Again #NewComputer

By | January 12, 2015

I am sitting at my desk, typing away on my newly restored computer. This past weekend the second and final motherboard arrived and the installation/assembly went just fine. I had Kayla aka as Vanna assist me; holding parts, flash light, and other odd assorted jobs which was a big help in getting things moving along. Did I mention she’s a pretty sexy assistant? well she is. very much so. Kayla even helped keep my humour up as I worked which went a long way to relieving some pent up stress at computer problems that covered nearly a month and a half.

Thankfully my supplier RMA’d the board with no questions asked and it wasn’t their fault this occurred over the holidays which slowed things down. They must have felt my pain as they threw in a $100 gift card to an online wine shop. That will be put to some VERY good use.

In it all I was able to recover some of my photo’s, not all; but a fairly decent portion, so that is something.

The best part thought is having my computer back up and running. I have a dual boot system running Linux on one drive and Windows on another.

I have missed writing on a regular basis and look forward to getting back to it once more. While it may not be as regular as it once was, as I see it Kayla’s writing takes precedence and if I need to run interference by taking care of the boys or doing other things so she can write then so be it.

Once I get the software squared away on here the first order of business will be to introduce some changes to Kayla’s site. Then there will be some changes here along with some additions but more to come of that a little later.

While I know the weather has been down right frigid in other parts of the country it has been what I consider cold here. I used that time to put my bike in the shop and have some much needed work done on it and hence I haven’t been doing much riding.

My dad has been here as well, he escaped the cold up north for a while and he is staying with my sister L and helping her out by taking her to appointments and such which has given me a break. As for L we are waiting on her next CAT scan which will be next week to see how things are progressing with her chemo.

I look forward to reading my regularly and commenting once more as it has been hard not being able to do so on a regular basis.

It’s good to be back!!!