Well as promised here are my test results, really there is nothing here that didn't surprise me except for one thing of which I am still scratching my head over.  Maybe that is something that needs more exploring..not sure but I will be annotating each section as you read down. I will be updating … Continue reading

Dom Drop

It is something you don't hear much about; Dom Drop or as it is sometimes called Top Drop. No, it is not about a sub dumping their Dom. It is not about a Dom falling out of bed. Nor is it about a Dom falling off a ladder or downstairs for that matter. Dom Drop is very similar to sub-drop in many … Continue reading

Open Mind

Keeping an open mind, what an important thing to do. I have always thought a closed mind is a stagnant mind. A good part of what this lifestyle is about pertains to growth. Not just of the sub but of the Dominant as well. Just as in any relationship one learns from the other. For any relationship … Continue reading