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Dominance can be painful #BDSM

This world of D/s can be an amazing thing when you delve into it lock stock and barrel, Kayla has written SO many times about how it is more then just the sex. Oh sure there is the structure, the protocols, the punishments, etc. As a Dominant it is about pushing the subs boundaries which… Read More »

I’m Tired Daddy #MasturbationMonday

It was the end of another long day and we made our way upstairs for some much needed sleep. This night being no different then any other we crawled into bed and we each read for a little while with some conversation thrown in the mix in between. Finally Kayla rolled over and looked at… Read More »

Life 101

This is not going to be a sexy post nor is this going to be a post extolling the virtues of being a Daddy Dom and the wonder of living a D/s lifestyle. This is going to be a very different post for me it is going to be rather personal. I’m the oldest of… Read More »

Crazy on You

As the sun sinks low in the sky so will I go crazy on you taking my desire. [youtube=]

Acres Wild

I would have you served to me in all places. [youtube=]

I Get Off

The more you get off, the more it serves to fuel me! [youtube=]