Beast of Burden

By | November 26, 2014

You’ve played the fantasy out in your mind a hundred times, over and over. each time a little better then the last, a bit more intense.

“M’Lady, I would be glad to do what bidding you are in need of but I have my duties to my Master”

My head snapped back as her riding crop connected with my head. My ears ringing I could barely hear her telling me to put it on or my Master would hear how I had dishonored her and surely he would beat me far worse then she could.

I reached out for the leather straps and as I held it in my hands I could now see it better. It indeed was a bridle, but not one made for a horse. The bridle complete with bit, was made to fit a man’s head. I began working the straps over my head, taking the bit in my mouth, she came up behind me and cinched down the straps fitting it tightly to me.

Once the bridle was on, she bade me to go to the ground on my hands and knees, I must have moved too slowly for she cracked me once again with the crop. Now on the ground as she had commanded, she gathered up the reins and mounted my back as I was her horse.

She leaned down towards me head. “You will serve me as my beast of burden, you were born to serve and so you shall serve my desires,” she said.

Her spurs dug sharply into my thighs, her crop over and over landing squarely on my flanks. “M’Lady, please I beg of you, how am I to explain to my Master how I came about such injuries.” She paid no heed to my cries; this only seemed to incense her and drove her to dig the spurs in harder.

After several minutes of carrying her around in this fashion she seemed satisfied and ordered me to stop. She dismounted me and walked back to her horse, again reaching into the saddlebag; this time she pulled out several long leather straps.

She walked back and ordered me to sit on the ground against the fence. I wasted no time doing as I was told, not wanting to feel the sharp sting of the riding crop again. Using one of the straps she bound my feet together. She then had me put my arms behind me over the bottom rail of the fence and tied them together. Then as to be sure I could not move or run she used the last strap to fasten to the straps binding my hands and circled my waist, so I was firmly pinned to the fence. Once that was done, she undid two buckles on the bridle and removed the bit between my teeth.

She now stood before and reached down and began undoing her boots, once they were off she unbuckled her riding slacks and removed them. She now stood before me bare of any clothing from the waist down. “Now you will satisfy me in others ways, servant,” she said.

A bit of fantasy that I penned a number of years ago looking at the lifestyle from a different angle.
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