I’m Tired Daddy #MasturbationMonday

By | October 13, 2014

It was the end of another long day and we made our way upstairs for some much needed sleep. This night being no different then any other we crawled into bed and we each read for a little while with some conversation thrown in the mix in between.

Finally Kayla rolled over and looked at me with he cutest sad eyes, “I’m tired Daddy.” as she put her book down and rolled over.

It wasn’t long before my Kindle began feeling heavy in my hand and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer for me as well.
I looked over at my babygirl as she lay beside me, she wasn’t quite asleep and I knew she was waiting for me to stop reading so she could cuddle up next to me.
I made a comment about how sweet she looked and that seeing her like that made me want her.

Her head came up off the bed a little as she looked at me “Ooooh no Daddy, I’m just too tired.”

I smiled as I turned off the Kindle a plan already forming as I rolled on my side and she spooned up against me.  Putting my arm around her I began rubbing her stomach, small circles getting bigger every few minutes. It wasn’t long before I was massaging her mons. She nestled up even closer and I knew it was time. I raised my leg pulling her top leg between mine, then locking her leg in mine. MY finger travelled lightly down along her lips, I could feel the heat, feel the moisture emanating from her folds.

My finger hovered over he clit as a gasp escaped her lips, slowly in little circles my finger swirled over it, her breathing quickened with each one. I ran my finger along her lips the tip now slick with her juices as I settled back on her clit. I already had her worked up and it wasn’t long before she was asking my permission to cum. “Yes, babygirl you may.”

I held her tight as her orgasm convulsed through her, knowing her as I do once she has her first the next ones build quickly and it wasn’t long before she was asking to have her next orgasm which was quickly granted.

Also knowing that just one or two orgasms isn’t enough for my greedy little girl was also playing into my plan. I shifted slightly behind her the both of us still on our sides. From that angle I was able to quickly sip deep inside her. She was slick, wet, open, and ready. Once I was nestled inside her I stopped moving, I wrapped my arm around her, holding her and I softly stroked her hair as I told her that I know she was tired and wanted to get some sleep. I wished her good night and sweet dreams as I settled down still inside her.

For maybe 30 seconds she was still, then I felt her ass wiggle; I remained where I was unmoving, from the position we were in she couldn’t move much and just the slight wiggling of her ass was all she could do. She let out a small groan of exasperation and settled down. It was then I pushed myself deeper in her, making sure she knew I was still firmly planted within her. Again she tried wiggling her ass but to no avail, again I pushed myself into her again and then stopped.

This went on for a few minutes when she realized she couldn’t move enough to gain any control.

Then she shifted gears, I felt the muscles of her pussy clenching my cock as tried to use them to rouse me. Again the same dance ensued, her moans of frustration, I would push myself deeper and stop, the clenching of her pussy around my cock.  It felt good, her muscles gripping me, relaxing, then gripping me again. As good as it felt I managed to stay the course and relax myself like I was going to sleep while inside her.

Her moans of frustration became increasingly pronounced as our dance continued, wiggle, push, relax, clench, push, relax.

Then it happened!

She let out a final sigh; “Please Daddy”

Smiling to myself I remained relaxed; “Please what babygirl?”

“Please fuck me.”

“But you said you were tired babygirl”

“No Daddy, No, please fuuck me.”

“We do need our sleep, we both have a very busy day ahead of us.”

“Daddy, no…fuck me Daddy, fuck me good, please.”

The hand that had been stroking her hair now  grabbed a handful and pulled, my other hand moved to her hip and gripped tightly as I gave her what she begged for.