A Day of Play

By | January 2, 2014

Over the course of the last week and a half we have played, not as often as I would like but we have played.

Today was one of those days where we had the full luxury of a full day ahead of us with no interruptions. My mind had been percolating with what was going to happen. Rope was going to be a big part of what was to come along with a certain new toy; the Hitachi, along with my flogger the gentle giant and The Devil twins (cat-o-nine tails)

We started out this morning with me tying a rope strap-on harness on her. Now that may sound odd you say but all it takes is for the vibrator to be turned around the other way. The vibe is then not only inserted but held firmly in place with no chance of it being wiggled out.

Along with the harness I also tied a dragon sleeve which bound her arms behind her and created a nice weave in doing so. While this came out fairly well the rope cold have been longer so I will be looking to add to my rope collection here very soon.

After this play we took a break and fell into a deep nap for a few hours and woke up hungry. We did a quick clean up and headed out for a bite to eat.

After returning I ordered little flower upstairs and told her to undress. This time instead of using rope I put her ankle and wrist cuffs on her; the blindfold went on and the crop came out, a few good swats to her ass and more then a few across her breasts.  Then I had her kneel down on the ground; then it was time for the Gentle Giant my large flogger.

I gave her ass a good warming up with that, it is hard to swing it in the bedroom but I have found that by using my wrist instead of my arm I can manage fairly well.

Once I had her glowing nicely there I helped her to the bed where I had her lean over with her feet on the ground, then came the cat-o-nine tails. I love those as they always elicit such a strong response from little flower. Using them both at the same time in a Florentine motion I worked her ass over. Taking a short break and flicking her thighs in a whip like motion she was glowing nicely.

Not being done just yet I helped her up and grabbed my long coil of rope and started tying a harness on her. When I got to the part that goes between her legs and passes to her back I tied a knot, then I took the Hitachi putting it against the knot and tying another to hold it in place. Then I tied the harness up around her and secured it tightly.

Seeing how she bucked just from the first time we tried it out, I took 4 lengths of 15 foot rope and tied them around her wrists and ankles. The long ends of the rope were then secured to the foot of the bed leaving her tied spread eagle to the bed with the Wand attached to her. As I tied the ropes off to the bottom of the bed I cold she her already beginning to slip of into sub space.

Hooking up the speed control I plugged everything in, turned the dial all the way down on the speed control and flipped the switch on the wand to low.

Her reaction was immediate when I began to turn the dial up and when I had the dial turned all the way up on low there was no holding back. She was writhing on the bed as her cries had gotten considerably louder. Spinning the dial up and then down I tormented her for some time this way.

Then, me always thinking as I am remembered a glass dildo sitting in the drawer all lonely. I turned the dial up on the Wand to where it was just slowly buzzing and retrieved the dildo from the drawer. Little flower was already soaked so it took no effort to slide it in.

Once in I turned the dial up once more and this time the reaction was even a bit more intense. Again I went with turning the dial up, keeping it there and then turning it back down. I wanted more though.

After one time of having it on highest of the low setting I dialed it down to nothing but this time I switched the wand itself to high. Slowly I began to turn it up gauging her reaction, I could certainly see a big difference this time. I kept turning the dial up till it was as far as it could go.

There it was her hips were up off the bed, her arms pulling on the rope so hard they created a deep crease in the mattress. Her head was whipping back and forth and by then her whole body except for her feet and hands were up off the bed.

I kept this up for some time till I could see that she had reached the end and I had wrung out all that I could from her. I turned off the controller and the wand and I began to gently talk to her. Untying the ropes form her wrists I could see the impressions the rope had left and I made a remark to her about being kissed by the rope. She smiled and giggled a bit.

Once I had her completely untied I removed the harness and gave her a drink of the iced tea I put by the nightstand. I held her tight and cuddled her as she slowly began coming back down to earth.