We Lost Our Cool or

By | June 17, 2014

How I got Schweddy Balls

The flight to my babygirls home went without a hitch. Passing through security was the fastest and easiest in all the times I’ve flown up to see her. The plane took off about ten minutes before the actual departure time posted by the airline. The flight was smooth and without any incident at all and I spent most of the time either napping or reading. Landing was smooth as silk and even though I was towards the back of the plane I managed to get off the plane quickly and swept Kayla into my arms.

The ride home was a bit slow as there was the usual Friday afternoon traffic and an accident on top of that but it didn’t matter as we had much to talk about and it gave us time to get caught up on many things.

That night I made love to her like she was the first woman I had ever seen or touched.

The following was the big push, load the truck, her hard work paid off and with the help we had the truck was loaded in three hours and the town home cleaned to satisfaction. We all went out for a nice lunch giving us time to say good-bye to family and friends and cool down as it was a very hot day.

We were driven back to to where the truck was parked, said some more good-byes and the first leg of our journey began. We had a 2 hour drive ahead of us before our stop for the night. We had decided to put a few miles behind us as that would shorten the trip the next day.

That to went without any issues, we did have some rain which slowed us down a bit but we pulled into the hotel with daylight still gracing our shoulders and time to relax before having a bite to eat.

We had a bit of an interesting time in our choice of eating but then again it was the only place available.

That night we slept, the day had caught up with us and we fell into bed and it wasn’t long before sleep claimed us.

The next day at the crack of dawn found us up loading our travel bags in the truck and we hit the road. Again the trip went very well and we put mile after mile behind making our way to our new home. We arrived in town in the mid-afternoon and unloaded Kayla’s car from the trailer.

Then the real work began. The crew was assembled and we began to unload. Now this is West Central Florida so at this time of the day the heat was on. The door was open as box after box was shuffled inside. Within an hour the truck was unloaded and then came the hardest work of all….

The pizza feast for all the people that helped. We ate, drank, then came the watermelon, more drink, then ice cream.

Conversation flowed like the drinks we drank to replenish all we lost from the work.

Finally everyone wandered off to their respective homes and Kayla and I were left to wade through a sea of boxes. Our intention was to spend Monday and part of Tuesday unpacking and getting things organized. Since it was still fairly early we decided to go ahead and unpack the kitchen with went very well.

Once that was done it was time to put together the bed and have some kinky fuckery sleep. We were exhausted so once more we fell into a fitful sleep although it did seem odd that the A/C was running double time and it was still to warm for us to want to even be next to one another. We put it down to the fact that the door was open at the hottest part of the day and would take a while for it to cool down.

The next morning we woke and began our day, first order of business was breakfast. Since we didn’t have a fully stocked fridge or pantry as yet off we went in search of food.
With full bellies we headed back with the intention of beginning our work.

Murphy had other ideas.

To say it was hot inside was putting it mildly, it was stifling hot. Kayla being a planner was on the verge of a meltdown, both literally and figuratively.
I made a decision we were leaving and going out. With a stop at the office to let them know of our losing our cool we went off.

The day went well as we furniture shopped, we covered four different stores finding things we did like and others we didn’t. I heard my email ding. Even though we had sworn off all forms of electronic communication I had to look as this could be it. It was, the work order had been closed and the A/C fixed.

We headed back home with high expectations of kinky fuckery in our future. In my mind I’m running through the entire inventory of toys and implements at my disposal and what I could do with them.

We opened the door with high expectations of being met with a soothing blast of cool air.
It was warm.

Not to worry I thought they might not have turned down the thermostat low enough. Making my way up the stairs with hope in my heart and warmth in my loins I was soon to be nothing more then hot sweaty and shattered. The thermostat was set at 76, the actual temp showed as 85.

I dialed the office to voice my ire and was met with a usual message that it was after hours. I then logged online and reopened the work order.

I decided we needed some distraction so I grabbed the fan out of the bedroom and put it in the living room, hooked up my computer to the TV and we sat and watched a movie.

It helped but it was hot…very hot, by the time the movie was over I was bathed in sweat. I was glued to the chair. I peeled myself out of the chair. Standing in front of the fan I pulled the leg of my shorts away from my leg of stood right in front of the fan.

Kayla looked at me in incredulous look on her face.
“What are you doing?” She asked.

I turned around, looked her straight in the eyes and said “I have schweddy balls!”

She fell out laughing, we couldn’t have kinky fuckery with out melting into a puddle on the floor, it was to hot to be next to one another for any amount of time, and our plan to have our home organized was shot to hell but I managed to have her laughing her ass off.

So there you have it our first night and day in our new home. While it was a very hot experience it wasn’t the out of control kinky fuckery heating things up.