Formspring Question: Aphrodisiac

By | November 25, 2012

Recently Cougar in Training asked a question on Formspring:

Are there any foods that are an aphrodisiac for you?

An interesting question and one I actually had to think about for a bit. Food strikes us on many levels, it sates our hunger when our bodies need to be nourished, there are comfort foods that some reach for when tired or stressed. There are foods that are just plain fun to eat like cheesecake, ice cream or whatever strikes your fancy.

Some foods are thought to have aphrodisiac properties that will enhance the libido.

One such are oysters. While I do so enjoy a plate of raw oysters I never really noticed any aphrodisiac qualities.

If there were any single food that I would consider a aphrodisiac I would have to say the strawberry. What a wonderful little fruit that isn’t a fruit. The texture of the berry, the taste as you bite into it, the juice as it explodes in your mouth, how wonderful and delightful it is.

To me at least there is something so sensual and erotic about strawberries such a marvelous fruit it is.