By | December 12, 2012

Last night during my sleep a dream came to me.
It was a very intense and vivid dream.
Even upon awakening it lingered
As I lay there my mind reeled between where I was and what was reality

You and I lay together on a bed, it was a large bed like a California Queen.
The room was dimly lit expect over the bed a light shined down illuminating it, us.

Off to the side in the shadows stood two others.
They were shrouded in the darkness; unseen
Yet even so I knew who they were.

I had you lay on your back spreading your legs for me.
Once they were opened to me, I began kissing and licking you.
Your sounds, moans of pleasure were immediate.

That encouraged me more, to delve deeper into you with my tongue
The two in the darkness were whispering to each other about how much you were enjoying yourself
as they intently watched us.

As your orgasm built I could feel your body shuddering beneath me, your cries of pleasure filling the room.
Once your orgasm hit you full; it was then I awoke.

The dark of the room wrapped around me.

It was so real, so incredibly wonderful, as I went about my day today I thought about it.
Still even at this late hour lingers with.

I wanted to share my dream with you.