Jolly the Naughty Elf

By | December 22, 2012

It seems some of the elves have had too much time on their hands between New Years and this Christmas.

What happens when a good elf has nothing to do?

Well it seems that in Jolly’s case he decided to do some summer reading.

He browsed the NY Times best sellers list and found some mommy porn.

Now it seems that poor Jenny Elf is in a bit of trouble as Jolly has learned some new tricks.

He made a new playroom and lured Jenny in to her demise.

Jenny let her guard down and Jolly caught her from behind.

It seems Jenny is in for a world of hurting as Jolly seems just a bit to happy with his new elf games.

Although it seems she is smiling a bit herself.






This little diorama was at work this morning, 50 Shades made the rounds through the office and left it’s mark.

What was really funny is when I was looking at it just above Jenny’s head there was a little cut out of a collar with some nipple clamps attached to it.

The picture was small and I had to lean in to really see it. When I made it out I said “Oh, it’s a collar with some nipple clamps.”

A co-worker was with-in ear shot and immediately said “It’s disturbing that you know what that is.”

I didn’t say a word, I just smiled and walked away.