Love that Magical Brew

By | June 9, 2013

Yes, it’s true I have a love affair with coffee.
My day doesn’t start without it and more times then not my day ends with it.

Coffee 01

Oh that wonderful, deep rich elixir of life.

Each night I set the pot to work it’s magic upon awakening, that glorious aroma floats through the air titillating the senses as my eyes open.

Pouring that first cup, feeling the warmth, the little wafts of steam that float up from the cup as I pour.

A sprinkling of sugar and a splash of cream a quick stir and the heightened anticipation of that first sip of the nectar of the gods, for surely that is what coffee must be.

As I raise the cup to my lips, the aroma now fills me, the first sip, so deep warm and fulfilling.

I feel it beginning to course through my body bringing me back to life.

The blood now pumping through my veins wanting more, the cup again is brought to my lips, this time I drink deeper more than a sip yet savoring each drop as it flows through me.

Now settling into my chair, it’s just me and my cup of coffee, the first cup of the day, the best cup of the day.

Yes, I love coffee, I have several in the morning, another around noon and even one in the evening.

That wonderful magical brew!