I Knew the Risk

By | November 13, 2013

I did.
I knew exactly what the risk would be.

I knew the possible consequences.

Yet I did it anyway.

I jumped right in putting myself in harms way.

Thankfully I had something from my youth to fall back on to pull me through.

It was during one of my visits to see little flower and we had just climbed into bed.
We curled up next to one another, her head nestled on my chest as we unwound after a long day.
The talk was casual as we lay together, just enjoying each others company and closeness.

We hadn’t turned the lights out yet as we lay together in the bed.
The covers where pulled half way up over us as we snuggled together.

little flower raised her head and looked at me without really looking at me as is her way when she is feeling shy about asking for something.
I know that look, her eyes avert, she’ll bite her lip.
Ask me I told her, out with it; she’s been doing better at this. I have been telling her not to be afraid to ask me anything, first it is how she asks me and the other is the worst I can do is say no.

I want to worship your cock she said as she turned her head away.
I didn’t answer right away, my mind was churning

See little flower  had never 69’d
In my mind I thought this could be the perfect time for her to experience it.

Yes, I told her but there will be one condition and I explained to her what it was.
She hesitated and for a moment I thought she was going to decline, not that I was going to let her off that easy at that point.

She agreed and I told her I wanted her on top which is something that she was not very comfortable with either but since she has learned that being on top does not mean she is necessarily in control, for she isn’t.

little flower climbed on top and while her mouth descended on my I could smell her scent, feel her heat.
She was doing what I like with her tongue and was reveling in the feel of it before I dove into her.

I grabbed her hips pulling her down to me, my tongue finding her soft folds.
At first I teased her, running my tongue along the outside edge of her lips, then glancing across her clit when I reached the top only to go down the other side to do it again.
When my tongue finally parted her lips, she was not just damp, she was wet.
With the voracity of a man that was parched and dying of thirst I dove in drinking deeply of her nectar.

It was a cause and effect, as I went down on her she reveled in me and worked harder to please me, her mouth and tongue eagerly exploring and taking me.
I knew when she was close to cumming, I could tell by the sounds she was making, the way her body was reacting, and the way her pussy was flowing.

She paused long enough in what she was doing to ask permission to cum, as soon as she heard the word “yes” she dove back down on me and her orgasm ripped through her.

I knew she is capable of some very intense orgasm’s, I also knew she is a squirter
but I was seriously unprepared for what happened next.

little flower began to squirt and not just a little, a lot.
Enough so that for a moment I started choking, coughing.
The thing was though I could have very easily let go of her hips and pushed her away.
I cold have stopped lashing her with my tongue.

Did I do either of those things?

No, instead I gripped her tighter, instead I kept going at her with my tongue.
In turn, she kept squirting.

I was still gagging from all her gushing.

Suddenly I had a moment of clarity, I don’t know how or why but the thought hit me like a train, maybe it was self preservation, but there it was one single thought.

Keg parties!

Yes those wild crazy parties from my youth where we would sit around and guzzle beer right from the keg.

I opened my throat an sure enough it flowed down like shotgunning from a keg.
Once her orgasm was done and we both regained composure I pulled her into my arms and she was shaking worried that she almost drowned me. I held her fro some time and talked to her telling her that I was fine and I was in no danger. I told her that all in all I thought it was hot and thankfully my days of keg parties provided excellent training for this.

Eventually she calmed down and now we have a good laugh over it not to mention we have had a repeat performance a time or two since.