Off the Grid

By | June 6, 2014

Today is going to be a travel day for me, jumping in a car, heading to the airport, then on a plane and off to see my babygirl. Then in a car again to get back to her house.
We have a busy weekend ahead of us, last minute packing, loading the truck, loading her car on the trailer.

Some last minute clean up around her place, dinner, and then we will be hitting the road.
A planned stop over night is on tap, this way we can put a few miles behind us and hopefully have a shorter drive the next day.
At least that is the plan.
That poor hotel room has no idea what it is in for.

Then once back in my town a car to un-trailer and a truck to unload.

Any volunteers willing to help load/unload???

The move also marks the start of a vacation for Kayla and I, ten days to be exact.

Our plan in that time is to be off the grid, meaning we will not be blogging on WordPress, we won’t be on Tumblr, (although we may load up our queue) no other social media, etc for ten whole days.

The plan is to just be her and I.

I have rope that has been sitting coiled for far to long, a new flogger that is needing to be put to use, and a promise made some time ago to be made good on.
See one of the things Kayla asked me when we first started talking was if I would take her to a munch. I told her I would be honored to escort her to her first munch.
Now I will be able to make good on that promise.

So don’t expect to see us around much in the next ten days, c’mon folks it’s been since February that we last saw one another, we have some lost time to make up for.
Kinky fuckery will abound!!!

There may even be a game of red light/green light on the drive back.

I want to thank everyone Mr. TW, Mynx, LBP, WWA, PagePrincess, Cinn, WordWytch, Christina, and a lot of others who have stood behind us in our journey. You’re love and support has been appreciated and I love you all.
Kayla and I kinda feel like the poster children for Internet relationships…LOL