Little Logic

By | June 23, 2014

I’m not talking about a small amount of logic, what I’m talking about here is the logic flow of a little’s mind.
It’s unique, it’s different, it is irrefutable!

I know it exists, I’ve seen it in action at a local munch one time where someone went up against a little. Her Daddy warned the gentleman in the error of his ways going up against his little in a battle of wills. He was right.

We traveled this past weekend, it was a whirlwind trip across three states in a car. This would mark the first time the two of us traveled in close quarters over a long distance. All in all we traveled quite well, we had many long and interesting conversations on many broad topics. Then it happened, I ran headfirst into little logic

I did most of the driving the first day on the road, after a gas stop I decided to let Kayla drive for a bit as my back was complaining about sitting in one position for so long. I dozed off for a bit. When I awoke about 45 minutes later it was to thunder, heavy winds, and sideways rain. She was in the middle lane of the highway with visibility down to zilch. Pulling off wasn’t an option as the right lane was full of 18 wheelers and cars with enough sense to slow down. Now Kayla had slowed down as well it was just moving over to the right lane wasn’t going to happen, no fault of hers. The left hand lane was virtually empty with the exception of the idiots with out enough sense to fill a peanut shell as they blew by making a bad situation even worse.

Her hands white-knuckled the steering wheel and I was surprised when it wasn’t pulled right off the steering column. In that moment I did the only thing I could, I placed my hand on her thigh and softly talked to her. I didn’t tell her at the time that this was not your usual run of the mill summer thunderstorm, this was a super cell that popped up and was wrecking havoc.

We came out of the storm unharmed, it was short, fast, and brutal as it were. I saw a sign for a rest stop in one mile and I told her to pull over. It wasn’t an option, I told her to pull over. She still had a death grip on the steering wheel and while I wasn’t to pleased about the A$$hat drivers refusing to slow down during the storm she was a bit more vocal then I was about it.

I held her for a bit before getting back in the car and we proceeded on our way. Shortly after that it was time to make a gas stop. I wanted needed a coffee and she wanted an unsweet-iced tea. While I pumped gas, she went inside to get our drinks. Now she has been working on cutting out sugar from her diet and has been quite successful with it and I have been encouraging her as I have seen a big change in her since doing so.

I was done before she came out so I pulled away from the pump and parked the car to wait. About five minutes later I saw her come out the door and I waved to her as she looked down the line of cars. At first my eyes locked onto that cup of hot liquid java in her hand. Then my gaze turned to her other hand as she got closer. It wasn’t a iced tea cup.

It was an Icee cup, a Coke Icee as I was about to find out.

“They didn’t have any brewed unsweet tea.”

“So your solution was a Icee?”

“Well I knew you wanted me to be happy after that harrowing experience.”

“Why not a cold water then instead of an Icee?”

“Because this would be a treat for me instead of just a plain ole water.”

“You didn’t ask permission, you’re supposed to ask permission before having a treat and there is only one time a Coke Icee is an acceptable treat and this is not it.”

I wanted her to see the error of her ways, punishment in a Interstate gas station with cars, semi’s, and a constant flow of people just didn’t seem to be the prudent thing at the time. Now I could have also taken it from her and had her go back in and get a water but I wasn’t going to do that. See she really was shaken up by the storm, when we stopped at the rest stop she was shaking from head to foot when she got out of the car. I wasn’t going to just let her have it and let her think I was just giving in, at the same time I didn’t know what I was setting myself up for. Although the end result was that it took her mind off the ride through the storm.

She replied, “Well since it looked like we wouldn’t be going to a movie for some time and I couldn’t get a unsweet tea it seemed acceptable.”

“We need to get back on the road, get in the car and we will continue this discussion.”

Once we were back on the highway I told her: “A Coke Icee is a treat when we go to the movies, this isn’t a movie so you can’t justify having one.”

“While that is true it also was an extreme situation which called for an extreme treat. So that being said when would be an acceptable time for me to have a Coke Icee other then a movie?”

“When hell freezes over.”

“Well isn’t that what happened in a sense?” The storm could have just been a precursor to hell freezing over which then you would have wanted me to have a treat.”

At that point I shook my head which then just elicited a giggle from her.

“See I’m your Daddy and it is my duty to take care of you, so by letting you have that Coke Icee when we are not at a movie means I am not doing my job in taking care of you.”

“Oh no, that’s not how I see it; by letting me have this Coke Icee you are doing a FINE job of taking care of your babygirl.”

“How is that? If you shouldn’t have sugar in your diet then by me allowing you to have that Icee then I am a bad Daddy and not helping you. Which means I shouldn’t be letting you have that at all.”

“But you want me to be happy and have a treat.”

At this point if I hadn’t been driving I most likely would have just put my head in my hands. Instead I did the only thing I could do.

I sighed!

“I love you Daddy.”

I love you too babygirl, but you still shouldn’t be having that Icee.”

“Don’t you want your babygirl to be happy?” said with a pout on her face.

“Of course I do but I also want her to be healthy.”

We kept driving for a few minutes in silence and then traffic began to slow down.  I turned my head towards her giving her a look.

“You’re not going to forget this are you Daddy?”

“No babygirl I’m not.”

“Thank you for the Coke Icee Daddy, I love you.”

“You’re welcome babygirl”

Onward we kept driving as I thought to myself life will never be boring from here on out.