Life 101 ver. 2.0

By | March 16, 2015

Life has been ramping up of late and then some.

My sister L is holding her own. She is slowly coming to terms that she will not be cancer free. In one of our talks with the nurses L asked when they intend to remove the tumors. They are not going to, the cancer is in her blood stream  and lymph glands so removing the existing tumors would not truly do her any good.

The continuing chemo treatments are to keep the tumors from regrowing. Of late she has been looking at $800.00 co-pays for each of her chemo treatments until she meets her out of pocket expenses. One of the drug companies that makes one of the treatments she gets has offered to pay her out of pocket co-pays which has taken a big load off her shoulders.

L wants to try and return to work even if part time but the doctor won’t release her. She has good days but they are then followed by several more bad days. She has filled out the paperwork to apply for full disability so we shall see what comes of that.

My mom still has not come around and even asked about how L is doing, between Kayla and I we are her rides to most if not all of her doctor appointments.

L is planning on going north in June to visit our dad and other family, her doctor has told she is well enough to travel and he can help her find a place to have her chemo while she is up there so she doesn’t miss a treatment. My dad has his business leased out and by summer possibly even sold so he will be returning to here with her so there will be one other person to help out with getting her to appointments, etc.

The villa.

Everything is progressing along well.
Home inspection – Check
Termite inspection – Check
Appraisal – CheckHomeowners Insurance – Check
Condo Assoc. Interview – Check
Background Check – Check

The mortgage company has been supplied all the paperwork they need from me.
The loan has gone to underwriting and I have met all the conditions they asked for.
SO for right now we are in a holding pattern and best case scenario we may have a closing date by tomorrow afternoon.

To say we are excited is putting it mildly.
We have the laminate picked out for the living room floor.
The carpet is picked out for the bedrooms.
Paint for the walls has been picked out.
Only thing left is the tile for the bathrooms.

Worst case, we will have the closing date by end of the week on Friday.

In the mean time the 60-day notice has been turned into apartment management.
They didn’t blink and eye but then again no one stays.

In our block of apartments there is only one family left that lived there when I moved in.
No one stays!

We are ready to move forward with this chapter of our lives so we can then begin the next.

Sunday I got to make good on my Valentines gift from my babygirl.

She gave me a gift card to Woodcraft and I cashed it in for a class on pen making.
I had a blast!

It has been a while since I got to play with power tools of that magnitude and it was fun.
It has given me some ideas for the shop I am going to put together in the garage once we get moved in as well.
Along with some ideas for some toys…hehehe

Here is the pen I made, fittingly I gifted it to Kayla since it was because of her that I got to take the class.

20150316_125650[1]The wood I used to make the barrel of the been is called Palm Red, it is a soft and porous wood which actually made it a little more difficult to work with.
All in all for my first I think it came out quite well.

In between it all Kayla and I have managed to work in some play time with me having given her quite the spanking Friday night. She had a very rough day and was totally out of sorts. I was able to bring her back down with the spanking among other things; if you like you can read about that here:
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