My Perspective: Devilish

By | February 10, 2018

Devilish sums her up quite well.
So does sassy along with brassy which is a combination of bratty and sassy.
Even though Kayla will vehemently deny it there is a touch of bratty lurking in there that sneaks out now and again.

But the devilishness is always there, it is easy to see in her eyes.
It is there beneath her smile.
It is there in the way she says “Daddy” sometimes.

Her devilish side makes me smile
It makes me laugh.
From time to time it makes me shake my head in wonderment.

For all her devilish ways I wouldn’t want her any other way.

My devilish girl

Kayla is a devilish little vixen

We were in a local craft store on day and there in a bin of throw pillows was this devil emoji and it was even purple. How could I not get it for her.
It is SO her.


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