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My Perspective: Joined

It is the end of February and the last day of the FebruaryPhotoFest. So many people have joined in and it has been a lot of fun. To mark the end I decided to look back at our wedding photos from last October. Our wedding was such a happy time, a wonderful day of celebration… Read More »

My Perspective: Taken

Once the collar goes on there is no doubt in her mind she is taken. Oh even on a day to day basis she has given me her submission and she is mine. But the collar, once the collar goes on that takes it to a whole different level. Her mindset goes to a different… Read More »

My Perspective: Her Lips

I do love her lips! So soft and warm. So welcoming and eager. Always ready to accept my touch. I know just the right spot to bring out the most delicious of sounds. Sometimes I make her wait and beg. Other times it is fast and hard. Barely giving her time to take a breath… Read More »

My Perspective: Sunday Morning Shadows

She sits silhouetted in the early morning light bathed in shadows. Our bedroom window faces south so the early morning light that filters in is a soft subdued light. Myself I like it as it eases the morning wake up, although some days it is difficult to tell the exact time by the amount of… Read More »

My Perspective: Shower time

I love jumping in the shower each and every day Many times although not often enough Kayla joins me or I join her. I do love those moments, the shower is a space of close intimacy. One of the things I love most about it is that there is always laughter. There are playful slaps… Read More »

My Perspective: Clean Shaven

There are times I like the feel of being clean shaven. I can feel the tremors on this side of my computer, not to worry…the beard isn’t going away. If I don’t shave in some capacity I would have a uni-beard…LOL As you can see in the picture above I do prefer to shave old… Read More »

My Perspective: Marked

I love leaving her marked. In doing the FebPhotoFest2018 it has gotten me looking back on some older photo’s I have taken in the past few years. I came across this one that is now almost 3 years old. So since it is also Throwback Thursday I thought this would be a fitting picture. Leaving… Read More »

My Perspective: Trapped

I have her trapped. She is my prey I am the predator I stalk her When caught, I claim her Take her as mine Once I set my sights on her there is no escape She will be mine, taken at my whim. With my hand around her throat She knows struggle is pointless She… Read More »

My Perspective: Purple Fuzzies

Yes, she has purple fuzzies or are they purple people eaters? Early on in our relationship it was negotiated that I keep Kayla’s feet warm. If I knew then what I know now I would have done it differently, much much differently. Who knew someones feet could get SO cold? While over time we have… Read More »

My Perspective: Front and Back

As the day winds down and comes to an end when Kayla and I go through our night time ritual I have a glorious view from the back. Many times I will move around to the front and soak in the view from there as well. Regardless of which side I am standing on the… Read More »