My Perspective: Her Universe

By | February 18, 2018

“Sensuality is beautiful, and dominance and submission in the right context is a passionate art. A muse which ignites the flame of femininity, enrapturing both partners in complete euphoria, magnifying both the masculine and the feminine in one tantalizing unit.”
Sai Marie Johnson

Last night I had a live stream to do and I sent Kayla off to the bedroom while I did it.
When I walked into the room after I was done instead of finding her working I found her relaxed reading a book all the while looking so sensual and desirable.
As I looked up from her book I was greeted with a most lovely view.

She is my Universe which I gladly fall into, she shines bright as any star in the night sky and it is through her belief in me that drives me to be better.

A glorious view.

After looking up from the book she was reading I was greeted with this view


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