Staff Meeting

By | January 16, 2013

A flight of fantasy from todays meeting, needed something to get through it.

He gathered up his necessary items for the meeting; legal pad, pen, meeting itinerary; and of course his coffee cup.
Deep down he knew these meetings were needed but why did they have to be so boring.
Listening to the endless droning of his boss and then the usual people who felt they had to comment on everything but none of what they said was really pertinent to anything on topic.

As he walked into the room he scanned the long table to see who was already there. Picking his seat to at least be away from the most annoying of those there, he chose a quiet seat in the far corner. From there he would still be able to see and hear what he needed to with out having to be in the middle of the madness.

Siting down he readied himself by breezing over the itinerary once more and took a few sips of coffee and doodled on the note pad.

His boss asked for everyones attention, the lights when dim and the wall was illuminated with the bright glow of the PowerPoint presentation.

5 minutes passed, 10 minutes; his bosses voice became an endless droning in his ears and his mind began to drift.

Suddenly he was shaken out of his oblivion by something brushing his leg. At first he thought he had dropped some papers.
He looked down and saw a hand sliding up his inner thigh.
Shocked he looked down further and saw those warm liquid deep brown eyes staring up at him.
He smiled back and relaxed as the hand moved further up his thigh.

The hand moved to his crotch and began massaging his cock through his slacks. It didn’t take long for it to begin to react and harden.

She continued her ministrations until he was straining against the fabric of his slacks, he moved in his chair to get more comfortable in an effort to relieve the growing tension.

Her hand hovered over his zipper as she slowly lowered it. To him the sound was loud and filled the room, but really she did it so slowly and with such precision it didn’t make a sound.

Freeing his cock from its confines she lightly grazed her fingers along his engorged shaft. Her tongue flicked across the tip like a snake testing the air.

He tried to concentrate on the meeting at hand but he was being drawn in another direction and secretly grateful for it.

Her lips now covered the tip of his cock, slowly sucking it while her tongue kept flicking across the tip.

Then slowly her mouth began to glide down his cock till it was fully engulfed in her mouth. Then just as slowly she slide her mouth back up once more. She continued this for a few minutes, until he could barely take it any longer.
Moving his left hand under the table he grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust her down fully on his cock, he felt the vibrations of her moans tingle thought his cock as she began sucking eagerly.

With his hand firmly gripping her hair he guided her head up and down on his shaft as she ardently took him in deeply with mouth and tongue.

In the room the meeting continued on, the voices now a background hum to what was happening in the dark.

He kept a firm grip on her hair;  guiding her willing mouth along his cock.

Deep inside he felt the stirrings, his balls grew tight, his swollen cock grew even harder pushing against the back of her throat, he gave her no quarter his hand now pulling hard against her hair.

The first jet shot out and with his free hand he gripped his coffee cup and bit his lip to not cry out.

She milked him dry….taking every last drop of him.

His gripped relaxed on her hair; as as if in a dream he felt her tuck his cock back in his slacks and pull up his zipper.

As quickly as she was there, so was she gone.

It wasn’t a moment later the PowerPoint was gone from the wall and the lights came blazing back on.

As he got up from his seat to leave he looked down at his slacks, not a drop on him. He gathered up his things from the meeting and as he was walking out he pulled out his cell phone and began typing out a text message:

“You did well slut, you pleased greatly me little one. :-)”

As he pressed Send.