Lunch Break

By | January 19, 2013

Shane sat alone in the quiet house. Now normally a little peace and quiet didn’t bother him but on this Saturday afternoon it did. Today he and Belle had planned to spend the day in bed not so quietly. They both had some very hectic and stress filled days at work over the past week.

Sadly Belle’s boss had dropped some work on her last minute Friday afternoon and since she would be out of town next week she had to get it done. So going into work had to be done rather then staying in bed all day.

Shane watched the clock and occasionally sent Belle a txt message and she would txt back in between. Looking up once more at the clock he noticed it was nearing lunch time and he was getting hungry.

That’s when an idea popped into his head.

He went into the kitchen and dug some items out of the fridge, then from the cupboard and packed it in a basket.

Jumping in the car he headed to Belle’s office.

Being it was a Saturday traffic was light and he made good time, parking the car Shane gathered up his parcel and using Belles spare key card he let himself into the building.

He walked quietly down the hall and stood outside Belle’s office briefly watching her as her fingers were flying over the keyboard, only pausing momentarily as she glanced at a document. Even when she was working like this she looked beautiful. Her lips pursed, eyes glancing from paper to screen in such a studious manner.

 Shane knocked on the door to announce his presence, Belle looked up slightly startled as she knew she was alone in the building. Her surprise turned to a warm smile when she saw who it was.

Shane walked in the door, “I brought you some lunch” he said, “I thought you might be hungry.”

Belle’s smile brightened even more as she said “Thank you” and reached out for the bag.

 Shane pulled the bag out of her reach, Belle had a confused look on her face until she looked up and saw the gleam in his eyes.

“Oh not yet, see I’m hungry to”, Shane said, “But you don’t get to eat until I do.”

“Clear off your desk” Shane told her.

Belle stood up, even though it was Saturday she was wearing the skirt that he loved and he knew she was not wearing any panties today.

Belle finished moving her work aside off the desk and looked back at Shane.

“Sit up on the desk, facing your chair” He said..

She hesitated momentarily he clapped his hands together loudly and she jumped, “Do it” he commanded.

 This time with no hesitation she got up on her desk.

“Now hike up your skirt”

Belle did so as Shane moved around to the back of her desk.

“Spread your legs little one” He told her.

“Yes Sir” as Belle opened her legs wide.

Shane looked her over with that look of lust he got every time he saw Belle’s alabaster skin. He looked at her lips and could already see a hint of pink in them.

 He sat down in Belle’s chair and told her to move forward on the desk, she did so and her pussy was right at face level to him. He breathed in deeply and could already smell her growing arousal.

 Shane traced his fingers along her inner thighs, small circles at first growing closer to her needy pussy but never touching it. He gave her thighs several small pinches which made Belle squeal in that delightful way she had.

“Shane looked Belle in the eyes; “I am hungry, but I’m hungry for you little one.”

Now his fingers traced along her now moist lips, lightly running them down one side then back up the other. When at the top near her clit he would circle it with his finger. Belle squirmed at the sensation her back arching as she tried to push forward against Shane’s finger.

“No no little one” Shane chided her; “You know better then that”

As he moved her hands away Belle whimpered.

 “That’s what I like to hear” he said as his finger moved once more along her folds.

This time his finger parted her lips and he felt her moisture on the tip of his finger. Shane pulled it away and brought it to his mouth, licking it dry. He ran his finger once more along Belles lips again wet with her moisture, this time he raised his finger to her mouth.

“I think you want a taste as well.” He said as she eagerly took his finger in her mouth and sucked it dry.

“That tasted so good I believe I am ready for the main course.” As he leaned in and his tongue gave her pussy a lick.

With his tongue he traced her lips as he did with his finger only when he circled her clit with his tongue he would occasionally put pressure against it making Belle arch her back and moan.

Belle’s pussy was by now dripping with need, Shane puts his arms around Belle, gripping her ass tightly in his hands as he pulled himself to her and began licking her. Form her clit to her lips, his tongue now darting into her.

Biting her clit, Belle would let out moans of pleasure as her pussy grew damper.

Letting go of her as with one hand Shane slid first one finger, then two deep in her wet folds, his mouth found her clit, licking, sucking biting, kissing. His fingers inside her wore moving in a come her motion against the top of her pussy. Belle’s juices were flowing freely, his hand soaked.

“O oh oooh Sir”

Shane felt Belle muscles tighten around his fingers and knew she was close.

“PPPlease Sir, please may I ccum?” Belle begged.

Shane stooped just long enough to tell her no and continued his ministrations.

Belle’s moans filled the office, Shane gripped her ass tighter with his one hand as his fingers and tongue kept up the onslaught to her pussy.

Finally Bell unable to take it any longer yelled; “Please, Sir…please may I cum? Please, Sir? Please? Sir?? Please?” she begged.

 “Yes, little one.” Shane told her.

 Belle’s body quivered with her release, her orgasm so intense she even squirted, her screams filled the office, and Shane’s finger were gripped tightly by her clenched muscles.

As Belle’s orgasm subsided Shane removed his fingers from her pussy and they heard a little liquid sound from her being so wet.

 Shane held her tightly as she came down and caught her breath, kissing her.

When she was finally composed he looked at her smiling telling her, “Now you can have your lunch”

Shane kissed her hard, his fingers in her hair, “I’ll see you at home”