By | February 19, 2013

It has been a little bit.I’ve been under the weather to say the least.
Three trips to the doctors, and now a second round of anti-biotics and I am finally on my way back to normal.

Be warned, this is dark, born of sickness or fever…either way you have been warned!

Awareness slowly began to flood back to her mind, her eyes fluttered open and her head swam. Once things stopped moving she tried to take in her surroundings but the room was dark.

She tried to remember what had happened, she was at a club, she met a man there and they seemed to hit it off quiet well, she remembered his eyes, such piercing blue eyes that emanated a strength she wasn’t used to seeing.

He talked of things she didn’t quite understand yet while he talked she had felt her arousal grow, her nipples had crinkled and her pussy has grown moist. The things he spoke of were different, things girls like her wasn’t supposed to get turned on by.

As her mind cleared she tried to look and see where she was, she was on her stomach, her legs down supporting her. She tried to lift her head and found she couldn’t, there was something around her neck and a chain running down which appeared to be clipped to something. Her arms were straight down to her side bound in a similar manner as her legs.

She tried to move her feet only to find they were bound to the bottom of whatever she was on. She could turn her head side to side and while the room was dim she could make out flickering shadows.

Her eyes adjusting to the dim light could make out more of the room now. The room was like something out the Medieval times, there were all kinds of strange apparatus’s around the room. Some things she knew what they were form watching movies, others were beyond her comprehension. On one wall was a huge cross in the shape of an X with rings fastened to it as various lengths.

As she turned her head the other way she could see the reason for the flickering shadows. A large stone fireplace was set off to the side and a fire was brightly burning.

Of in the deep shadows she heard a voice “Ahh so you’ve finally awakened.” The voice was deep with a slight growl to it. She recognized it as the one belonging to the man she met in the bar.

Once again she tried to pull against her binds, “Let me out of here” she said with a whimper.

Suddenly she felt a hand along her ass, it was then she realized that her clothes had been removed and she was naked.

I think not” he said, “We have some games to play.”

See I could tell that you were aroused listening to me talk of the things I like. Your 

mind may say no but your body says otherwise.”

She let out a scream, bucking and fighting against her bonds.

No one can hear you done here.”

He went to the wall and came back with a ball that had straps on each side, he pinched her nose shut and when she opened her mouth to breath and shoved the ball in there and then fastened the strap around the back of her head.

He moved away from her back into the shadows, she tried to follow him but she couldn’t move her head enough to see where he went. It wasn’t long before he was back and he carried something in his hand

Holding it out towards her so she could see it he asked if she knew what it was. It had a thick leather handle that was round, where the handle ended there were long strips of soft leather.

Her eyes wide with fear her head shook back and forth that she didn’t know what it was.

It’s a flogger” he said, “It’s used to administer whippings.”

He moved behind her she heard him quickly draw his hand back and the whisking sound that the strips of leather made as they swung back through the air. She tensed expecting to feel them bite her flesh but instead she felt them fall softly on the skin of her ass.

With the strips of leather laying across her she then felt his finger run along the slit of her cunt.

Already moist” He said, “You tense your body in fear yet it betrays you with your true need.”

It was then she felt the first lash of the flogger bite deep in her skin.

20 lashes; 10 for each cheek girl.”

First one, then the other, each lash harder then the last, she counted down in her mind each lash as it fell upon her. She writhed and twisted with each one, she tried to scream but with the ball gag all she could do was drool. Her cunt drooled just as much her juices dripping down her legs, her nipples were hard and taut, she couldn’t believe this was turning her on so.

By the time he finished her ass felt raw and stung. She felt his finger dive deep into her pussy with a with a quick thrust, so wet was her sopping cunt.

She’s ready” she heard him say, it was then she heard a second set of footsteps and she 

realized there was a third person there.

A pair of hands undid the strap on the ball gag and once removed the hand cracked across her cheek sharply sending her head spinning as far as the chain would let it.

If you use your teeth bitch there will be more of that.” He said.

She nodded meekly and then her mouth was filled by a hard cock, at the same time another was trust into her cunt.

The man in front didn’t even give her time to adjust to her mouth being full, he grabbed a handful of her hair and began fucking her mouth hard. The tip was hitting the back of her throat and she had to fight against her gag reflex to keep from choking.

The man behind her fucked her cunt with the same intensity, driving his cock home deep into her.

Being filled on both ends she began to drift, losing herself in the feeling. She couldn’t believe it as she felt the stirrings of her orgasm begin to build deep within her.

The man in front broke her from her drifting with a slap across her cheek.

I’m going to cum bitch and you’d better not miss a drop.” He said.

She felt the first jet of his cum hit the back of her throat and once more she had to fight her gag reflex, quickly swallowing as more and more followed. She couldn’t believe one man could have so much in him and she worked to keep up.

When he was finally done she licked him clean as he pulled out of her mouth, her own orgasm now building like a wave in her the muscles of her cunt gripping the one inside her.

Unable to hold back her hips bucked as her orgasm tore through her, never before had it been so intense as her body was wracked with spasms. Her muscles gripped the cock filling her and he began to unload deep within her their juices mixing as she gushed her orgasm.

Finally spent she sagged back against the bench she was laid across and she felt the cock withdraw from her.

You did good slut, I knew you had it in you” he said as he laid his hand across her back.

There is one more thing though before we are through.”

The man in front pinched her nose once more and fastened the ball gag back in place. Once done he moved back into the shadows.

This may hurt just a bit and although no one can hear you I don’t want to be distracted”

He moved off into the shadows once more and this time when he returned he carried what looked like a cattle branding iron, on the end was what looked like a large cursive letter “K”.

Her eyes grew wide with terror at the sight of it as he placed it in the fire to get hot.

You are mine now slut, this is my mark so all will know you belong to me.”

Her head shook violently side to side, spittle flying from around the edges of the ball gag.

He waked back to the fire and removed the iron, coming back to her with it he let her see the end as it glowed red hot.

She tried to fight her bonds but she was held to tightly and couldn’t move. Trying to scream but all that came out were muffled grunts.

He moved to her right thigh and she felt the heat of the iron as to grew close to her skin. Then without hesitation the glowing iron met her flesh, a searing pain jolted through her as he skin searing from the hot iron.

The smell of burning flesh filled the room; then as quickly as it began it was over and he pulled the iron away from her skin.

He removed the ball gag and she quickly panted in a desperate attempt to catch her breath. Once she had calmed down she felt a straw pushed into her mouth and she was told to drink. The water felt cool against her raw throat.

She was left there for several minutes when she heard him come back and begin to unfasten her from the bench.

The collar, ankle bracelets, and wrist shackles will remain on you at all time” He said; “The collar is locked and I carry the only key.”

He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up so she was standing, once she had her balance he guided her into the darkness.

She heard the sound of metal upon metal and raspy squeals of rusty hinges. He pushed 

her roughly inside as she fell upon a mat. The door quickly swung shut and she heard the key turning locking it shut.

The last thing she remembered before passing out was hearing the words. “Welcome to your new home slut.”