Heading Out

By | March 20, 2013

The end of 2012 brought with it many challenges for me both personally and professionally.

As we began the new year 2013 brought along more of the same along with some health challenges.
For the most part I handled it all best I could, one step at a time.

Some of those challenges;  being human (yes there it is)  not so well.

The health issue is pretty much behind me at this point although it took me a bit to recover.

I decided to take some time away from everything, no not necessarily my blog but I will be heading out on the road for a bit. Some self discovery

Having ample time off from work stored up I will be heading out on the road on my motorcycle and doing a road trip.
My plan is to visit some spots of the state I live in that I have never seen.
Thanks to Google maps I have plotted a course that keeps me on back roads and off the main interstates.
Traveling along the coast and through some National forests, small towns and open roads.

I worked out the mileage and the trip will be roughly 1500 miles round trip give or take.
Bike had been in the shop and checked out as road worthy and ready to go.

This will be interesting as I have taken many day trips and commute to and from work on my bike.
To be on the road for this distance, well it will be a first.

Having some friends who travel by motorcycle I was able to garner some good info.
I have made lists, checked all my gear, hopefully dotted my i’s and crossed all my t’s.

So here I come open road.