You never know

By | March 17, 2013

Last night I had to make a trip to an adult novelty shop shop to pick up a few things.

It was great to go through a peruse the isles and see things both old and new on the shelves and racks.

I filled my basket with the items I was looking for and also on other impulse item. There was one thing I was looking for though that I couldn’t find.Going to the front of the store I asked the clerk about the item ans she walked to the back of the store with me.
Turned out they were out of that particular item but she pointed out a number of other things that would do the same thing.
I finally found something that would work and hopefully even better then the one I was looking for. (We shall see)

When I brought my items to the counter and she started ringing them up she couldn’t help but say that it looked like someone was going to have some fun tonight.
I told her not particularly tonight but very soon.

She then commented on how she really doesn’t know a whole lot about BDSM but has been curious and is having her first time.
From that comment we talked for a bit about safe words, trust, communication, and different aspects of the lifestyle, etc.
It seemed from her answers that whoever she is going to be playing with has a good grasp on how to play safe and educating her.

I wished her good luck and that her first time delving into this journey be safe and fun.

As I was leaving I couldn’t help but think to myself how you never know what may spark a conversation.