There comes a point

By | March 30, 2013

when you must put one foot in front of the other and gain forward momentum.

A good part of the reason for my trip was to do some serious inward searching.
That was only one part.

Since I’ve been back I have been purging, I’ve sat still for way to long.With that I have accumulated stuff, lots of it, more then I will ever need.
It’s going, some of it gone already.
Along with cleaning out the stuff it has helped remove some cob webs.

There is an opposite side to physical stuff….the emotional baggage
That can be more subtle
You may not notice it building up at first.
You wallow in self doubt and pity.
Next thing you know it becomes part of you.
It is even harder to clean out that stuff then it is to clean out physical things.

Last year I spent a good part of it in pain.
It was nothing life threatening but the pain was enough that it ruled everything I did.
It was there morning, noon, and night.

Today I am relatively pain free.
I learned something from that pain though
There were things that I always told myself I would do when I retired.
These things would be there and I would dive in.

Not always true!
I realized that the moment is important.
There may not always be a tomorrow for those things.

The same goes for people.
If you allow the self pity and doubt to rule you chance’s pass.
Those moments may never be recaptured.
Could it hurt, sure with out a doubt.
there is always that possibility.

To me it is better to hurt, to know that I am alive
then live with regrets.