Kitchen Duty

By | March 28, 2013

Neither one of them had been to that restaurant before and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.They shared a plate of raw oysters, and thankfully decided to share a seafood platter and they were glad they did as it was a lot of food.

After they ate Shane and Bella strolled along the board-walk taking in the sights and watching the waves as they rolled into the shore; not paying any attention to the overcast day..
At one point they sat at a table, Shane had his arm around Bella’s waist; her head resting on his shoulder.
They decided to spend the day together with no interruptions, no cell phones, emails, work, or anything else…just the two of them.

Shane could see Bella was getting chilly in the grey afternoon, even though he knew she could sit there like that for a long time, he took her hand and led her back to the car.

As they drove back to the house Shane couldn’t take his eyes off of Bella, the way her hair fell over the side of her face, her smile, the sweet ring of her laughter as it filled the space of the small car.

When they got back to the house they were in the kitchen putting away the few things they got at the store along the way. Shane stood behind Bella, watching her.
The way her hair fell over her neck, they way her new dress made her ass look so inviting.
As he watched he felt the lust boil up from deep inside.

Shane walked up behind Bella, putting one arm around her waist and pulling her to him. She startled briefly and then relaxed into his grip. His other hand came around front of her and gripped her neck.
Shane breathed deeply of Bella’s hair, taking in her scent, then moved down lightly kissing her neck. That lasted for only a brief moment before his teeth sunk deeply in the soft tender flesh of her neck.

Bella let out a sharp hiss at the feel of Shane’s teeth digging into her and she pushed her ass back against him grinding.
When Shane pulled his mouth away from her neck there was already the beginnings of a deep bruise forming.

Shane released his hand from around her waist, pulling up her dress over her ass exposing her pantiless bottom.
“Such a good girl, you didn’t wear any as I asked. ” Shane said.

“Yes, Sssir.” Bella stammered

Using his foot Shane spread Bella’s legs wide and slide his finger along her already wet slit.
Bella gasped at Shane’s touch and pushed out her hips.
He slid his finger easily and deeply inside her taking her with them.
Shane felt his cock pressing against his jeans needing to be released.
He let go of her neck, keeping his fingers inside Bella, undid his belt, then his jeans letting them fall to the floor.
His hard cock sprung free, eager to hit the mark.

Pulling his fingers out Shane grabbed a handful of Bella’s hair, she immediately arched her back, one hand falling on the counter for balance.

Without hesitation Shane’s cock drove itself home in her eager cunt.
Bella let out a gasp as Shane filled her fully and completely.
Shane desired her, wanted her, lusted for her and began driving his cock home again and again into Bella.
The kitchen was filled with the sounds of Bella’s moans and the slapping sound as Shane drove himself into her again and again.

Bella moaned over and over; “Yes, please, oh yes, please take me, use me.”
That only caused Shane to want her more and he increased his thrusts.
It wasn’t long before he felt the tremors in Bella and the muscles in her pussy gripping him drawing him even deeper into her.

Soon Bella was begging, “Please Sir, Please may your slut cum, ppuhlease let me cum.”
Shane with a deep growl said “Cum for me girl”

No sooner then he spoke the words, then Bella was screaming, her free hand held up in the air; fingers flexing as if trying to grip something unseen.
Her juices were running down his legs coating him and he began filling her with is own cum.

Bella her head hanging down, hair over her face, gasping for breath as Shane pulled out of her.
He spun her around, taking her in his arms, holding her as he felt her knees give out.
“Breath little one,” He whispered in her ear. “Take a deep breath.”
Shane held her until she had caught her breath and was able to stand once more on her own.

Once they both regained themselves they went upstairs to clean up.

They came back down and looking over at the kitchen, they both saw it at the same time.
The big puddle of glistening wet liquid that covered the floor in the spot they were at.

They both laughed as they cleaned up the puddle together.