An email

By | April 28, 2013

A number of years ago, just about 3 to be exact I was a regular on a writing site.
It was an interesting place as it was an amalgamation of different people from around the world, different walks of life, different beliefs, and even different fetishes.
The site allowed for many various interactions, through chat, story comments, and messaging.
I think what I liked about it was at that time even with all the different people there everyone; for the most part got along.

Things were a bit different in my life at that time, I wrote and I wrote a lot.
After some time there was a woman that would comment on my writing, they were open, honest, and oft times insightful comments.
I began following her writing and found I liked it.

Not long afterwards we began messaging and chatting, we found that we both had certain things in common, kink being one of them.

A bond began to grow between us. Not a bad thing.

As the bond grew deeper she expressed a desire to submit to me.
Now she lived half way across the country and we talked quite in depth about how this would work.
Well things did progress and we were D/s for a little more then a year and a half.

I knew she was going through a very tough time in her life.
In that time we did meet 3 times in RL and spent several days together.

After time I noticed a shift, she began pulling away, having less and less time.
I pushed her for a explanation but never really got one.
Then the day came I heard from her no more.

Time passed and yes I thought of her on and off.
I decided at one point a few months back to reach out to her as I often wondered how she is.Much to my surprise I did get a response.

She told me what had been going on in her life, the things that had happened since and where she was at now.
What touched me most of all though was this, a small exert of her email:

When we met; I was looking for a friend. I wasn’t particularly interested in whether the person was a man or a woman — I just wanted someone to talk to. It started off simple enough — we had some common interests — shared some common desires. I never really expected it to be anything more than a friendship, but the more I talked to you the more I liked you.You didn’t care if I had strange desires because you shared those desires too. You gave me what I needed at the time. You helped me to grow and become stronger than I had been in years. You offered me your heart, your strength, your wisedom. I just hope I offered something in return. It was only through what I learned while I was with you that helped me pull through what was going on in my life at the time.

I’ve heard from her once or twice more since, she has a busy full life these days, the job of her dreams and a new relationship.
In fact next month she is getting married.
I’m happy for her, glad she has found her happiness and her place.

We don’t always get to hear that we made a difference in people’s lives.
With the Internet playing such a big part in peoples lives today people connect on so many different levels.
There are some who say that connections made in the cyber world aren’t real.
That the miles and the distance makes it impossible to have true feelings and connections.
This is true to a certain extent, it doesn’t replace a real hug, a touch, or a look.
But it can make a difference.