Fight the Good Fight

By | May 7, 2013

There comes a point in life when you find something worth fighting for.
All throughout life one may find things that they go to bat for, some of these things are not meant to be.
The fight may be in vain.
Most times even though you try to fight the good fight deep down within you know it is a losing battle.

Then, then there are the times, that deep down in that space, your inner core, or your soul.
You know that this is the time to pull out all stops.
You know that it is time to fight the good fight no holds barred.

Since I have started this walk in the BDSM lifestyle I look back at where I started.
I look now at where I am and I am amazed at the changes within me.
Seeing that I also turn my head to the future and know that there is so much more that is possible.
There is no end to this journey.
It is a journey of constant discovery
It is a journey of constant learning
It is a journey of growth

When I look back from where I am now I also see how I had been stagnant for a long time.
I suppose in a way I was looking for my own type of fairy tale.
I’ve waited too long!

Around Thanksgiving of last year I was asked a question, one I should have been able to answer without a problem.
I was asked “What am I passionate about?”
There was a time I could answer that in any numbers of ways.
Instead I stood there in silence.

That was an eye opener for me, what did happen to my passion, where did it go?
It was then that I knew something had to give, something had to change.
Has it been a full steam ahead full bore petal to the metal run?
No, it has been baby steps.
I’m fine with that, slowly but surely I am rediscovering myself, who I am, how I fit into all this.

Are fairy tales even possible
In the sense of the Disney movie princess fairy tale; I think not.
Is it possible in the sense of believing in a dream and the goal of making that dream come true?

It’s time for me to put on the gloves; I’ve found something worth fighting for.
It is time to pull out all the stops, to fight tooth and nail for what I believe in.

I’ve sipped from the well.
I have thirsted for far to long!