Sirens Call

By | May 22, 2013

I hear her call
Whispered on the wind
She calls my name so sweetly
A melody meant just for me
Awake or asleep
Her call beckons me

I hear her call
Even in my dreams I cannot escape her.
Her soft silky tendrils wrap around me
Holding me warm and soft
Her lips beckon me with whispered promises.

I hear her call
Her parts warm and soft needing to be used
Desiring to be pushed to her limits and more.
Aching for my hands to be upon her
She whispers her desire to make her scream

I hear her call
Wanting me to ride her hard
She yearns to rumble beneath me
Desirous of my legs wrapped around her
She hungers for my fingers to strum her

I heed her call

Yes, she calls me and who am I to deny her.
The open road has been calling to me and tomorrow morning I answer her call.

0-dark thirty in the morning I will be jumping on the bike once more and heading out on the open road.
My bags are already packed and ready to be loaded on the bike.

A six day trip with the wind in my face and the rumble of the engine beneath me.

To everyone who will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend
I wish you a happy, safe and fun weekend with family and friends.