Shane’s Homecoming

By | June 2, 2013

Shane always looked forward to returning home after a business trip and this time was no different. There was always an excitement at leaving on a trip but it didn’t match returning home to Belle.

Shane pulled in the driveway grabbed his bags and headed to the door. Belle was right there to greet him with a smile, a kiss and a hug. Shane led her to the couch where she snuggled up in his lap as he held her tight.

After a few minutes of catching up he asked her if the package had arrived while he was away.

“Yes Sir it did” she replied right off.

“Did you do as I asked, didn’t try to open it and put it in the closet?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.” She replied.

“Go upstairs fetch the box and bring it to me girl” he told her.

Belle hopped out of his lap and ran up the stairs; a moment later she was coming down with the box in hand. She gave it to him and he inspected the box to make sure the shipping tape had not been tampered with.

Beaming a satisfied smile he told her to go back upstairs, strip and wait for him.

Belle climbed back up the stairs to their room, glancing back once or twice with a shy coy look in her eyes.

Shane opened the box and looked over the contents quite satisfied with what was inside. He placed the items back in the box and headed up the stairs with the box and his travel bag in hand. When he entered the room Belle was standing there naked. Her legs were spread shoulder length apart, her arms down by her side, her head was up and her eyes were looking down.

“Very good little one” he said

Shane placed the box on the bed and began his inspection of Belle. Running his fingers through her silk like hair, along her neck, her cheeks, even running his fingers along her lips.

Shane worked his way down her back, across her chest, breasts, and nipples, then down along her stomach. When he reached her cleft he by passed that by and worked his hands down along her legs, it wasn’t till he finished that he made his way back to her cleft.

He lightly ran his fingers along the outside of her lips “Nice and smooth, just how I like it”

The whole time Shane was doing his inspection Belle made not a sound, even when he slipped a finger in her moist cunt. He smiled knowing he had her edging the whole time he had been gone and was proud of her when she managed to hold her composure.

“I know you are a greedy impatient little girl, wanting to know what is in the box” he whispered in her ear;  “All in good time, first though you will be blindfolded.”

Shane pulled a bandana out of his pocket rolling it; he then tied it over her eyes.

Once he was satisfied Belle couldn’t see he went to the bed and opened the box once more.

He pulled out two objects and getting down on the ground by Belle’s feet he put the first ankle cuff around her and fastened it. Moving to the next ankle he fastened the second one.

Standing up he admired how they looked around her graceful ankles, the dark leather in contrast against her pale sooth skin.

Going back to the box again he pulled out two more objects and made his way back to Belle, this time he took her arm and lifted it slightly away from her body as he fastened the first wrist cuff around her wrist.  Doing the same with her other arm Shane soon had the other wrist cuffed.

He stepped back and admired Belle the look of the cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

Shane stepped over to the dresser and picked up his camera taking several pictures of Belle. Shane knew the exhibitionist in her was thrilled each time she heard the shutter snap.

Finished with the pictures he stepped up from behind Belle and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to see”

With a slight hitch in her voice she responded, “Yyes, Sir, yes I do.”

Shane guided her in front of the full-length mirror and set her facing it. He untied the blindfold and pulled it away.

Belle’s eyes caught the image in the mirror and a smile came across her face, “Oh Sir they are beautiful.” She said, “They even have my favorite color purple in them”
As she lifted her arm and looked at the wrist cuffs more closely.

They were made of leather, the inner part lined for comfort meaning they could be worn for quite a while without causing any discomfort. The main part of the cuff was of black. Where the D-ring was attached a strip of purple leather was fastened to the main part of the cuff along with the piece for buckling it, which was also made of purple leather.

Shane stepped in front of Belle took her chin in his hand and kissed her lips lightly, “I’m hungry for a snack, go downstairs and clean off the kitchen table and I will be right down.

Belle looked at him as if she was going to question him and then scampered off down the stairs. As the sound of her footsteps faded down the hall Shane reached into his bag pulling something out and headed down himself.

By the time he got there Belle had just finished cleaning the few things off the table and she turned around to face Shane.
“What would you like me to make you” She asked.

“There is no preparation needed for this snack, “ he said as he grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up on the table so her ass was right on the edge.
Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her down so she was now lying on her back with her ass right on the end.

Shane pulled out some rope from his pocket and immediately tied her to the table by the D-rings on the wrist and ankle cuffs.

Belle had a look of surprise on her face mingled with a touch of fear in her eyes. Shane looked down at Bell smiling as he softly stroked her hair.

He knew she had been edging now for almost 4 days and that would alone be driving her wild, so he went to the kitchen and grabbed a towel spreading it across his lap as he sat down in the chair for his snack.

Shane could smell her excitement even before he tasted her. He wanted to make this last, tease her, torment her and drag it out.  His tongue traced around the outside of her lips, up one side then down the other.  Belle squirmed on the table as a slight moan escaped her lips.

He kept this up for several minutes then using his tongue he parted her lips and saw the glistening pearls of her moisture as his tongue slid slowly along then getting his first true taste of his Belle.

“Oh you taste SO good girl” he growled; in response Belle tilted her head back  and let out a long drawn out Mmmmmm of approval.

Now ready for the main course Shane put his arms under her legs and brought them around over top so his fingers could part her lips giving him full access to her feast.

His tongue went directly to her swollen clit, licking it, slowly twirling his tongue around it in circles, first in one direction, then the other, occasionally pressing down on it before beginning to circle it once more.

It didn’t take long before Belle was asking him to allow her to cum.

“No girl, not yet,” he told her; at hearing that she pulled harder against her restraints and moaned loudly in frustration and need.

Shane kept up his ministrations on her now soaked cunt, this time dipping his tongue periodically into her hole. Belle was like a wild woman on the table, she was straining against the ropes pulling them tight and her breath was hoarse and ragged, almost on the verge of tears.

“OOOh God, please let me cum, pleeeease Sir let me cum” Belle begged.

Each time Shane denied her, Belle’s forehead was covered with sweat and each time Shane’s tongue pressed into her clit her hips rose off the table.

As Shane licked away at her he now nibbled or sucked on her clit as well, her head now thrashing back on forth.

Belle was sobbing barely able to even speak coherently as she begged once more to cum. Shane knew she was at her limit by now.

“Cum for me girl” he told her.

A guttural sound emanated from within Belle as her pussy finally was able to have its much-needed release. Her hips rose as high up off the table as her bound body would allow, Shane’s tongue following. Belle pulled hard against the restraints as her pussy squirted and gushed her release.

Shane was covered in her juices as she rolled with the force of her orgasm, her entire body awash with its force. He could feel her shooting out her orgasm as it hit him full force, glad he thought to put the towel down.

Eventually the orgasm began to subside and Shane pulled away, he knew it wasn’t quite done yet and he wasn’t disappointed as several waves of aftershocks poured through Belle as he watched.

When he knew she was truly done he got up and stroked her forehead and leaned down to kiss her.

He then began to undo the ropes holding her to the table.