Life update

By | July 10, 2013

Things are settling down once more, I trust everyone who celebrated had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

Myself I had a wonderful time, made another road trip, this time by car which turned out to be a very wise choice with the amount of rain that was unleashed over the weekend.

Thanks to all who voted, she did get My/her Birthday spanking and she took it quite well.
Since it was a good amount of swats I broke it up into segments for her.

The first set were with the ping pong paddle,
After that came the riding crop,
Followed up with her hair brush (which was a first for her and she liked it)
Culminating with my hand.
she was already in that space she loves going and the feel of my hand pushed her over that edge even more.

Afterwards I held and cradled her in my arms making sure she had water to drink along with her favorite stuffed animal to hold and she drifted in and out of sleep in my arms.

While I was there I also had a job interview, yes I am looking into being closer to her.
All in all the interview went well, the job would surely be a challenge which for me is a good thing.
The owners have been away and won’t be back till this week so the decision still hangs in the balance.
There were two people who interviewed before me and there may still be one or two more this week, so for now it is a matter of hurry up and wait.

Tuesday evening after I got off the phone with her (W/we talk every night, even if I am out I make sure I stop what I am doing and call her. she doesn’t go to sleep without a good night kiss from me.)I lay in bed and with the curtains pulled back and watched the lightening flicker across the night sky.
For whatever reason it put me in a thoughtful introspective mood.
It made me realize how much my life has changed over the course of several months.

A life I had lived for the better part of 17 years is now being put behind me.
I couldn’t deny who I am any longer.
It was the scariest and the hardest leap of faith I have ever taken and yet it has been the best thing I have done thus far.
I am able to now freely express who I am and explore more fully the aspects of this lifestyle.

Even my own perceptions of the lifestyle has changed.
If you had asked me 5 or 6 years ago I would have said a Dom is a Dom is a Dom.
I no longer think that; they are all as different and unique as there are grains of sand.
Now I am called Daddy; if you had asked me if I ever thought I am a DD I would have laughed.

Now it is as natural as the sun rising and setting.
As I look at certain things in my life I do see the pattern of a guiding and nurturing nature.
The first time she called me Daddy it felt like the most natural thing in the world.
Like everything else had been leading to that moment.

The best thing about all this, not only have I been learning about her but it also has been a journey of self discovery for me.