And Now Time for Something Completely Different

By | August 15, 2013

Life has been zipping along, my time with My girl was well spent in so many ways.
We packed so much into the time We had and yet even when it came time for her to go back to work it was hard.
If you are looking for more insights to the BDSM world or something sexy and erotic; well not this time.
I do have some things in the works moving forward, some more blog posts on different topics.
This is a very busy time of year for me with work, it will be full speed ahead with very little down time for the next couple of months.
Also I have begun working on some more stories about Shane and Bella and even that is going to be something that you will all be hearing more about in the future.
Each time W/we part it seems that it is harder and harder to let go and say good-bye, even though it is not really good-bye.
Truly parting is such sweet sorrow

Her time here with me was not all fun and games, the last day of her visit I was scheduled to have the first of three procedures done on my back.
She was to be my ride there and then back home as I was told I could not drive afterwards.
I knew what to expect from previous talks with the doctor and yet I was not prepared for what to expect.
A needle was put into my spine at the point of the herniation, guided by an ongoing x-ray.
The needle it self going in did not hurt, just before the actual injection I was told to expect pressure.
As the concoction was injected yes I did feel the pressure. A LOT!

By the time all was said and done the pain from that totally eclipsed the original back and leg pain.
I was told I could get up as soon as I felt I was able to, well I couldn’t lay there for long as I hoped by getting up it would help relieve what I was feeling.
Once up I was told I could go sit outside the room, with girl.

By that time the pain/pressure had increased even more.
My poor little flower may have bitten off more then she could chew as the pain was so intense in me she could feel it radiating off me to the point it effected her.
She was feeling my discomfort, nausea, and tears and experiencing them herself, such is our connection with one another.

After 20 minutes the pain and discomfort began to ebb back to pre-injections levels.
Now it is a matter of hurry up and wait as I was told to not expect to feel any real difference for another 3-4 days with the full effects in about 10 days.

It is a good thing that My girl is a true masochist as I know I gave her hand a really good squeeze a few times.

I am blessed to have little flower as a part of my life, she stood by me when I needed her even though it caused her some discomfort.
Luckily after her meetings and work commitments are done she will be swinging back this way for a albeit brief visit on Sunday before she heads back home.