Life is What Happens and Some Self Promoting

By | September 16, 2013

What a wild roller coaster ride life has been of late.

Work has been a bear, things just keep rolling in and it seems like there is no end in sight. Taking it all in stride and doing what can be done is all I can do.
Not to say I’m not feeling the stress of it because I am, but so is everyone else in the department.

Last week I had the last injection for my back and it is doing better, not 100% but WAY better then it had been.
I took the bike out this past weekend and did some riding although I was VERY cautious of pot holes and bumps.
The weather has a hint of cool in it and it felt great to be out on the bike in the early morning and the cool air.

Looking forward in the hope that if this weather trend continues; to taking some distance trips again very very soon.

little flower and I have been talking quite a bit, every morning and then again in the evening. I have a new game that the two of us have been playing, she has been finding out just how tough it can be on her and oh so much fun for me.

In between I have been writing my heart out, yes not so much here on the blog, but I have been writing some new stories which will be shared here soon. On that same line I have been working with Kayla Lords on getting my Shane and Bella stories edited and revised. Kayla and I have been revising some of the older Shane and Bella stories along with co-writing some new ones that will be published. If you hadn’t heard about this Kayla Lords did some arm twisting on me and the Shane and Bella stories are going to be collected into a book of short stories..

Kayla is a submissive who writes and has her own blog at She writes about what it is like to live a submissive life on a day to day basis along with her own erotica and is worth following and reading if you already don’t.

In order to keep my sanity I’ve been burying my nose in books of late, laying down at night and curling up with a good book has been a great way to unwind the mind.

Later this month I will be taking a class that is about Fetish photography. I’ve been an amateur photographer for some time now  mainly shooting pictures of nature and places I’ve traveled to on my motorcycle and am looking forward to stepping that up a bit.

Once things settle down a bit I am going to do some redecorating on the new home here so look for some changes to come about soon.