Hear Ye, Hear Ye – Read all About it

By | September 18, 2013

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As it was hinted at yesterday I am planning on changing up a few things around here as I get settled into my new home.

It was brought to my attention by little flower that I always seem to have my nose in a book of one form or another, which is true I do tend to read quite a bit.

Her words were, “Since you read so much, especially regarding BDSM, the lifestyle, end even erotica why don’t you write book reviews.”

One of the things I love about little flower is not only is she beautiful, but she is also smart and to top it all off she is quite often right.
Except when she is wrong and I have to correct her that is.

So after some thought and consideration starting here rather soon I will be doing book reviews on any number of books that I have read.
You may have noticed that I added a Goodreads widget to the sidebar which shows the books I am reading at any given time.

Also to my followers if there is a book you think that is particularly good that is about BDSM, living the lifestyle, erotic in nature, or even a particular  author  that you like. I am very indie author friendly, love reading books by new and upcoming authors; you never know what gems you might find..
Go to my contact page and send them my way to add to my reading list.

Happy Reading