Book Review – Age of Discovery

By | September 20, 2013


Title: Age of Discovery
Author: Theo Black
Available at: Amazon or Smashwords
Publisher: Midnight Blue Press
Published: 2013
Theo’s blog:

Life is an ebb and flow; it is like the waves that wash along the shoreline. Rising high then slipping back down. SO many people ask when does life begin, when does it end? There are those that feel life slips into a golden twilight that shimmers peacefully like stars twinkling. Age of Discovery pulls back the covers and shows an entirely different side.

In Age of Discovery life takes on new meaning; two people, Theo and L who rediscover themselves in their 50’s and begin an exploration of their sensual side.

Written from a first person point of view the book reads like it could be a highly charged erotic tale. Yet it is an account of two people as they discover one another and the desires and urges that most would not even whisper let alone admit they think about. While the chemistry between the couple is of no doubt; there is also the hint of hesitation, the uncertainty that is felt by any couple trying to form a bond.

Nothing is off the table with this couple as they explore every aspect of their sexual side, while it can be raw at times yet the deep connection and caring that the two shares shines through as brightly as the early morning sun.

Early on in the book I found myself caught up in their relationship and found myself eager to turn the page. Each page, each chapter a new adventure of passion. While there is a touch of teenage angst in a few places, the even pace at which they approach each other is touching.

When they begin exploring aspects of BDSM it is not as one being Dominant and the other as submissive. They approach it as trying it out on one anther from both sides. Theo gets spanked by L and then later turns around and spanks her. Their sense of exploration in this is more about the sensations that one gives the other and not about who is in charge.

The book also covers the difficulty and the triumphs of a long distance relationship. The Internet, which has brought us closer and shrunk the world, still is not able to close the gap on physical distance.  Being apart by distance can make the time together so special and intense yet at the same time can create a tension that at moments can be overwhelming.

They both live in different cities and through planned encounters and business travels they come together with one another, making the most of their time together. In this day and age long distance relationships are more common, although that does not necessarily mean they are any easier.

This book is not just for those heading towards their upper years in life but a good read for those of younger years as well. A primer so to speak of what can lie ahead and how to plan the journey in between; explore life, immerse oneself in life’s delights and hold on to the natural curiosity not letting it slip through ones grasp.
As one grows older this book shows how life, love, and sexuality doesn’t fade but changes, taking on new and exciting dimensions.

As I read through the book though I did find myself wanting to know more about the couple outside of the bedroom. That one aspect had me wondering how the couple interacted when they weren’t under the sheets. Sexual compatibility is truly an important aspect of any relationship yet it is only one piece of the pie. There are hints of Theo and L in their younger years and how that shaped/molded them into the people they are today.

In respect to their privacy those hints just seemed to make me want to know more about the couple.

The more I read through the book the more I found myself rooting for the couple, that through the trials and tribulations of life they truly find the happiness we all seek on one level or another. Age of Discovery shows that life is not just a page in a book, but new chapters waiting to be written every day, a true sensual discovering.