Book Review: Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety

By | October 7, 2013


Title: Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety
Author: Penelope Jones
Genre: Adult Fiction
Available at: Amazon
Published: August 2013


The adventures of Miss Belle Notoriety are a grand romp of a read, she is a vivacious gal and no one is safe from her ministrations.

Miss Jones has created a wonderful character in Belle Notoriety, she is sassy, sexy, and while at times submissive; at least to her boss she is no ones doormat.

Miss Notoriety lives in Shagville Heights and works for a law firm where she is the fuck toy of the town’s only lawyer. That doesn’t mean she is a push over by any means and if anything her job gives her the means to have her hands in the goings on about town.

Belle has the goods on everyone in town and no one is exempt. From Bruce the Butcher to Barney the Banker no one is safe from her own brand of justice. She doles it out firmly and dishes it back out as good as she gets it.

Belle’s tale is told in story format with a bit of Miss Jone’s signature poetry mixed in which ads a nice layer to the book.

A great read from start to finish, well worth picking up and giving it a look. Lots of fun like a roller coaster ride that you don’t want to end.

Hope to see even more of Miss Belle Notoriety in the future.