Book Review – Her Final Show

By | October 21, 2013


Title: Her Final Show
Author: Rebekkah Mee
Genre: Adult Fiction
Available at: AmazonUS & AmazonUK
Published: October 12, 2013
Rebekkah Mee’s Blog:

Short, Sweet, and very hot

That sums this story up in a heart beat.

For a short story it packs in so many elements; voyeurism, exhibitionism, web cam girls, and a few other kinks to boot.

The main character of the story is looking for his muse, he knows what he is looking for and after an exhaustive search his hunt finally leads him to the one. What happens next is certainly a surprise as he gets way more then he bargained for. Of course nothing ever goes as anticipated and he finds himself drawn into a world he didn’t expect to be a part of or the trouble that comes along with it.

Rebekkah does an excellent job of taking you on the ride with him.

What I liked about the story is it pulled me into the character especially when he is drawn in deeper then anticipated. I could feel the tension of the moment, the anxiety, the sexual frustration, and the wild abandon. (No I am not going to give you any spoilers you will just have to read it for yourself.)

Her Final Show is well worth giving a read in a quiet evening or early morning with a cup of coffee.