Traveling Time

By | October 22, 2013

This is how I have felt of late being apart from little flower, old and abandoned.

The countdown has begun.

In 4 days I will be a traveling man, heading up to see little flower.
It’s been way to long since we both have seen in each other and we are both feeling it.
It will not be this long before we see one another again, it has just been to long.

One reason I put off going to see her is because next week is her birthday.
Due to work concerns I could not get away sooner and I wanted to be there to celebrate her special day.
she has some serious spankings coming her way among a few other surprises.

There are some packages heading her way with instructions to put them in the closet and not open them until I get there and give her the go ahead.
Yes she will follow my orders to the letter of that I have no doubt, she may be an impatient girl but she will listen.
Sorry dear readers but I cannot give you any hints as to what is in the packages as she does read this blog.
I will say that they are smaller then a bread box.

I decided to travel by plane this time so I could maximize my time with her and not arrive worn out and needing to sleep after a long trip.
The flight will be, should be short and sweet only taking about an hour and a half as the crow flies. much better then 9 hours by car or 12 hours by motorcycle.
Although it is fun traveling by bike.