All Hallows Eve PII

By | October 31, 2013

“I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward” she whispered.

I could barely get the word out of my mouth “No” I stammered.

She reached up and began unbuttoning my shirt, one at a time slowly each button one after the other. The whole time Angelique was doing his she was staring at me with those deep eyes.

My shirt now completely off;  Angelique took hold of my shoulders she turned me so my back was now to the bed, it was as if I was in a trance, just letting her take control of me. She lowered me down on the bed, so soft, warm and inviting, just like her. As she leaned down towards me her hair cascaded down around me, wrapping me in its veil as well as her. I reached me hand up to brush it back and as my hand touched her skin.

Her skin was dry and even cool to the touch, as if she had no warmth in her, but that didn’t matter to me, being here with her was all I cared about. As I moved to the center of the bed and lay on my back, Angelique climbed on top of me straddling my body. She placed her hands on my bare chest and began sliding them up.

Her hands then moved to my arms, and as she moved them upwards towards my hands she was also pushing them up over my head. I didn’t give it a thought, I just let her do as she would, that was until I felt the restraints put in place over my wrists.

With a motion so quick as to almost be cat like, she had the restraints cinched down and my arms were now splayed out above my head bound to the upper posts of the bed. I tried to pull my arms free but they were held tight, Angelique looked at me and said “Yes, that’s right, struggle, it makes it all the more fun.”

Now I have never been into anything kinky before but I have heard about people that really got off on this kind of thing, so I decided why not and go with it. Angelique then got off the bed and bound my ankles to the bed in the same manner; I was now tied to the bed spread eagle on my back.

She got back on the bed and again straddled me; I could feel my erection beginning to grow at the anticipation of a wild night with this vixen. Angelique now facing me as she sat above smiled down at me, her teeth sparkling white; she leaned down towards me.

I was ready for her kiss, my lips eager for the touch of those ruby red lips upon mine. As moved down towards me, her hands held my head, at the last second before we kissed she snapped my head to the side and her mouth went to my neck. I felt a stabbing pain, as I let out a scream, she lifted her head and I saw blood, my blood running down her mouth.

It was at that point I must have passed out, as remember nothing until I awoke in this cell. I’ve lost track of time, after six months I stopped counting the days I’ve been here. She feeds me just enough to stay alive and she only takes me out when she needs to feed.

You see, Angelique is a Vampyre; but unlike the stories and movies, they do not kill their prey immediately. That would leave too many dead bodies she told me, a Vampyre can feed off of one person for years; humans are nothing more than livestock to them.

In the beginning I tried to escape, but I’ve become so weak that I’ve given up any hope of ever getting out of here alive I don’t know how much more of this I can take or how much longer I’ll be alive. I managed to sneak some paper back here to my cell on one occasion that she had me out to feed, and I have written this journal in the hope that someone may find it someday and know what has become of me.