All Hallows Eve PI

By | October 30, 2013

I love this time of the year, the air is cooling off and has a fresh clean feel to it. The leaves are changing color heralding in old man winter. Even people in general seem to be in a better mood, maybe because the heat of summer has passed.

But what really makes it the best is All-Hallows-Eve, with all the dressing up in costumes, and the parties.

It was one such party that I had just left and was making my way home from on Halloween night. I decided to walk as I did have a few too many drinks and I felt the walk would help clear my head. The party was fantastic; all my friends were there along with numerous people I hadn’t met before that night, many drinks flowed as well as the conversation, flirting and jokes.

My house was only a few miles from the party, the night sky was clear and the stars shone through and how fitting that on this night of all nights a full moon lit the sky. A slight breeze was blowing as I walked the unpaved country road, scattering the already fallen leaves across the ground. Bare branch tips moved like skeletal fingers skittering across the night sky. Somewhere in the distance I could hear an owl hooting; out for a night of hunting.

As I walked my mind began to wander in the quiet evening, thoughts of the party, the several numbers I had gotten from available women, and the weekend ahead left me deep in my thoughts. The sound of footsteps behind me roused me from my solitude. I stopped, looking about but I saw nothing but the empty road. My mind playing tricks on me I thought, the combination of too much to drink and to much food.

I resumed walking and once more began drifting off in my thoughts when I heard the noise again, probably some animal scavenging about looking for a late night snack I thought. As I stood there I heard the noise again, this time it was unmistakable as footsteps.

I turned, expecting to be facing a dog or some other animal that was tagging along, instead it was her. She was tall, easily six foot and slender with a waspish figure. Her long dark hair fell over her shoulders like a veil and ended at her waist. Her eye’s were as dark orbs that seemed to see right though me, and with the moonlight that shone on her pale complexion was almost outshone the moon itself.

She wore a black leather corset that was laced up the front and had straps disappearing into her hair and over her shoulders, accenting her hourglass waist. Her skirt, of deep black satin flowed down just passed her knees where the tops of her shiny leather boots began, that were kept firmly in place with a combination of buckles and laces.

I stared at her for what seemed hours, mesmerized, but in reality it was only seconds. Finally she broke the silence, “I hope I didn’t scare you” she said “I was just out for an evening walk, the night seemed so pleasant.” Her voice was soft and had a slight accent which I couldn’t place.

She asked if I would like some company since we both seemed to be heading in the same direction and I agreed. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Angelique and that she had just moved into the old Barlow mansion up the road.

The Barlow place had been empty for as long as I could remember and then some; as kids stories abounded about the ghost and ghouls that inhabited the place making for some frightening tales.

We finally reached the entrance to the Angelique’s house, the wrought iron gates hung half open from two stone pillars and rusty hinges made little creaking noises as they moved in the breeze.

Angelique moved close and in a husky voice asked if I wanted to come in. How could I refuse, my mind was racing as we walked up the driveway, crazy erotic thoughts filling my mind of this exotic woman.

She opened the door and as we stepped through I was in awe of what was before me. The main foyer was incredible; a grand stairway leading up to the second floor split off in a half circle to the right and left. Paintings covered the walls, some still covered by sheets.

Angelique explained that she still had quite a bit of work to do; so far she only had the basics taken care of, such as the kitchen, and upper bedrooms. The old library and dining room, along with most of the other rooms on the first floor were still in disarray; dust, cobwebs, and sheets over everything.

As we walked through the rooms I couldn’t help but have a feeling of unease. I dismissed it from having heard all the all the ghost stories from when I was a kid. As we made our way upstairs Angelique talked about how the house had been in her family for generations. She was raised on the west coast and as none of her immediate family wanted to leave there they could never seem to part with the house.

Angelique opened a carved wooden door at the top of the stairs and entered, I followed close behind, the room was decorated in deep rich red velvet, and the bed was an old style Victorian with four posters and a canopy. Several stairs scattered the room along with a settee.

She turned, faced me and drew in close, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been with someone” she whispered in my ear. Entranced I stood there, thinking to my self how I could even think about turning such a beautiful woman down.